Music Reviews:

Folk/Singer-songwriter (and what doesn't fit anywhere else!)


Jenn Adams—In The Pool 6/1/03

The Austin Lounge Lizards—Never An Adult Moment 8/1/01

JJ Baron—Brand New Stranger 8/1/06

Knut Bell and the Blue Collars—Honkahillarockabilly 3/6/05

Vince Bell—Recado 8/4/07

Lou & Peter Berryman—Love is the Weirdest of All—The Music of Lou and Peter Berryman 3/6/05

Lou & Peter Berryman—The Universe: 14 Examples 4/13/08

Lou & Peter Berryman—Rocky Frontier 3/5/12

Bitchin' Wheels—Bitchin' Wheels 8/1/01

Susannah Blinkoff—Let’s Pretend 1/4/09

Dale T. Brann—Walking Back 8/4/07

Chuck Brodsky—Tulips For Lunch 2/5/07

Ray BonnevilleBad Man’s Blood 12/28/11

David Bromberg Quartet—Live: New York City 1982 1/3/09

David Bromberg—Try Me One More Time 2/5/07

Greg Brown—Milk of the Moon 4/6/02

Greg Brown—In the Hills of California 3/6/05

Greg Brown—The Evening Call 2/5/07

Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers—Roots of Our Nature 9/28/02

Burn Witch Burn—Burn Witch Burn 7/17/01

Jonathan Byrd—The Law and the Lonesome 1/4/09

Kate Campbell—Monuments 12/18/02

Kate Campbell—Sing Me Out 3/6/05

Annie & Rod Capps—In This Town 10/8/07

Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros—Bad Out There 4/4/06

Coby Carlucci—Texarkana 7/8/02

Rosanne Cash—The River & The Thread 11/30/13

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer—Drum Hat Buddha 6/1/01

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer—Joy My Love

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer—Little Blue Egg

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer—Seven is the Number 2/5/07

Neko Case—Blacklisted 12/4/02

Patti Casey—Under Different Skies 12/2/02

Stephen Clair—Under the Bed 9/5/05

Slaid Cleaves—Holiday Sampler 12/4/02

Slaid Cleaves—Still Fighting the War 11/11/13

Johnny Clegg—Clegg—At the Baxter Theatre Cape Town —Best, Live & Unplugged 

Bruce Cockburn 2/17/03

Dana Cunningham—Dancing at the Gate 9/28/02

Catie Curtis—My Shirt Looks Good on You 2/3/02

Kris Delmhorst—Cars 12/10/11

Brett Dennen—Brett Dennen 9/5/05

Ani DiFranco—Evolve 2/17/03

Ani DiFranco—Knuckle Down 3/6/05

Ani DiFranco—Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 8/1/06

Ani DiFranco—Red Letter Year 1/4/09

DaVinci’s Notebook—Brontosaurus 9/28/02

Donna The Buffalo—Live From The American Ballroom 2/16/03

James Durst—Element of Surprise 6/1/03

Cliff Eberhardt—School for Love 12/4/02

Cliff Eberhardt—The High Above and the Down Below 8/4/07

Kathleen Edwards—Failer 2/17/03

Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt—For Keeps 6/1/14

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott—The Long Ride

Ramblin' Jack Elliott—The Ballad Of Ramblin’ Jack

Joe Ely—Live @ Antone’s

Joe Ely—Streets of Sin 2/17/03

Joe Ely & Joel Guzman—Live Cactus! 4/13/08

Mark Erelli—Compass & Companion 6/1/01

Andrea Fairless—She Manages 8/1/06

Fairport Convention—XXXV 5/23/02

Anne Feeney—Dump the Bosses Off Your Back 4/13/08

Mark Fisher—Scratch Board—songs and drawings by Mark Fisher 9/28/02

Mark Fisher—4 9/5/05

Steve Forbert—Live At The Bottom Line 4/6/02

Steve Forbert—Over With You 9/2/12

Denice Franke—Comfort 6/16/01

Dori Freeman—Dori Freeman 4/3/16

Fruit—Burn 8/1/06

Annie Gallup—Half of My Crime 8/1/06

Annie Gallup—Weather 3/15/11

Annie Gallup—Little Five Points 12/14/12

Annie Gallup—Ghost 7/23/16 

Annie Gallup—Lucy Remembers Her Father 9/10/18 

Peter Gallway—Muscle and Bone 8/28/16

Peter Gallway—Feels Like Religion 1/2/19 

Tracy Grammer—Flower of Avalon 9/5/05

Tracy Grammer—The Verdant Mile 9/5/05

Tracy Grammer—Book of Sparrows 12/23/07

Tracy Grammer—Low Tide 12/29/17

The Grandsons—Party with the Rich 3/6/05

Vance Gilbert—One Thru Fourteen 9/28/02

Vance Gilbert—Somerville Live

Eliza Gilkyson—Beautiful World 1/4/09

Eliza Gilkyson—Lost and Found 12/18/02

Eliza Gilkyson—Hard Times in Babylon 9/1/01

Eliza Gilkyson—Paradise Hotel 9/5/05

Eliza Gilkyson—Your Town Tonight 8/4/07

Eliza Gilkyson—Roses at the End of Time 12/28/11

Eliza Gilkyson—The Nocturne Diaries 3/23/14 

Eliza Gilkyson—Secularia 7/14/18

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen—Berrymania 1/19/14 

Patty Giurleo—Sevensongs 6/1/01

John Gorka—Writing In The Margins 8/1/06

John Gorka—Before Beginning - The Unreleased I Know - Nashville - 1985 8/22/16

John Gorka—True in Time 1/27/18

Grace Griffith—My Life 8/1/06

Grace Griffith—Sands of Time 8/1/06

Nanci Griffith—Winter Marquee 2/17/03

Butch Hancock—War and Peace 2/5/07

HARP—A Time To Sing! 12/4/02

John Hasbrouck—Ice Cream 2/17/03

Hat Check Girl—Six Bucks Shy 10/15/11

Hat Check Girl—Road To Red Point 12/8/12 

Hat Check Girl—Cold Smoke 1/2/19 

Jim Henry—One-Horse Town 4/4/06

John Hiatt—Crossing Muddy Waters

Greg Hobbs—Threats & Promises 2/5/07

Walter Hyatt—Some Unfinished Business—Volume One 4/13/08

Janis Ian—God & The FBI

Jabe—Drama City 2/17/03

Billy Jonas—Life So Far 6/12/02

J.P. Jones—Ashes 6/1/01

Christine Kane—Rain and Mud and Wild and Green 12/4/02

Lucy Kaplansky—Over the Hills 8/4/07

Lucy Kaplansky—Reunion 10/14/12

Alex Kash—Florida Heat 4/4/06

Alex Kash—Organic Alchemy 8/1/06

Jorma Kaukonen—Stars In My Crown 8/4/07

The Kennedys—West 2016

Maura Kennedy—Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy & B.D. Love 2016

Pete Kennedy—Heart of Gotham 2016

Barbara Kessler—Barbara Kessler

King Chubby—Is 3/6/05

Alison Krauss—Forget About It

Jimmy Lafave—Cimarron Manifesto 8/4/07

Patty Larkin—Still Green 9/29/13

Christine Lavin—Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch 8/1/01

Tina Lear—The Road Home 11/11/01

Reggie Lewis—Reggie Lewis 4/4/06

John Lisi & Delta Funk—Dead Cat Bounce 8/4/07

Los Niños de Sara—Gipsyolè 2/16/03

Ariane Lydon—Still She Moves 3/6/05

TJ McFarland—Rosenbum’s Gin 8/4/07

The Robbie McIntosh Band—Emotional Bends 9/28/02

Rita MacNeil—Blue Roses 8/1/06

Karen Mal—The Space Between 11/3/07

Heather Maloney—Just Enough Sun 2/14/18

Cindy Mangsen—Cat Tales: Songs of the Feline Persuasion

Jay Mankita—Morning Face 8/1/06

Jay Mankita—Dogs Are Watching Us 4/4/06

Terence Martin—Waterproof 9/28/02

Heather Masse and Dick Hyman—Lock My Heart 9/14/13

David Massengill —My Home Must Be a Special Place 9/28/02

Alastair Moock—Bad Moock Rising

Alastair Moock—Let It Go 8/1/06

Hunter Moore—Conversations 6/1/03

Lisa Morales—Beautiful Mistake 10/29/11

Gurf Morlix—Finds the Present Tense 7/5/13 

Shana Morrison–7 Wishes 4/6/02

Kathy Moser—Acoustic Live Demo 12/2/02

Kathy Moser—Wings Over Water—Get Used To It! 2/16/03

Peter Mulvey—Ten Thousand Mornings 2/5/07

Mystic Rhythms Band—Mystic Rhythms 12/2/02

Naked Blue—Five By Five 10/7/07

Neal and Leandra—Bridge Rail 9/28/02

Moira Nelligan—I Give You Music 7/27/14

Carrie Newcomer—The Age Of Possibility

Carrie Newcomer—The Gathering of Spirits 12/4/02

Carol Noonan—Big Iron 5/13/02

Carol Noonan and Dana Cunningham—The Water is Wide—Inspired by the Stone Mountain Arts Center 8/1/06

Carol Noonan—As Tears Go By 4/13/08

Phil Ochs—The Early Years 10/27/01

Ollabelle—Riverside Battle Songs 2/5/07

Barry Ollman—What’ll It Be? 12/10/14

David Olney—Omar's Blues 6/1/01

James O’Malley—I’m Ready 6/29/02

James O'Malley—The Writer Remains 5/30/15

Joan Osborne—Pretty Little Stranger 2/5/07

Tom Pacheco—There Was a Time 2/17/03

Ellis Paul—The Speed of Trees 12/4/02

Pierce Pettis—State of Grace 8/12/01

Pierce Pettis—Father’s Son 1/21/9

Barbara Phaneuf—Hat Full of Diamonds 6/16/01

Rod Picott—Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues 5/23/02

The Pines—Sparrows in the Bell 8/4/07

Prairie Doll—Prairie Doll

Chuck Prophet—No Other Love 2/17/03

Darryl Purpose—A Crooked Line 3/9/02

Darryl Purpose—Next Time Around 4/1/13

Joe Rathbone—Welcome To Your New Life 4/6/02

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks—Take The Air

The Red—Burn 8/1/06

Rob Reynolds—Find Me, Sample Me, Free Me, Take Me Sightseeing 4/4/06

Kim Richardson—True North 1/4/09

Jonathan Richman—Action Packed: The Best Of Jonathan Richman 9/28/02

Mae Robertson—Smile 9/5/05

A. J. Roach—Revelation 11/3/07

Dana Robinson—Avenue of the Saints 12/18/02

The Rockin’ Highliners—Sputnik Café 6/1/03

Bruce Roper—Accidental English 2/26/12

Mary Ann Rossoni—Downcity 1/2/02

Butch Ross—Selected Works Of Friction

Brian Rung 12/4/02

Claudia Schmidt—Bend In the River 1/16/13

Danny Schmidt—Little Grey Sheep 4/13/08

Danny Schmidt—Instead the Forest Rose to Sing 2/13/09

Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits 2/16/03

Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt—A More Perfect Union 12/8/12

Colleen Sexton—Live 7/8/01

Richard Shindell—Courier 1/4/02

The Sisters Morales—Para Gloria 2/17/03

Mindy Smith—My Holiday 12/2/07

Michael Smith—Live at Tales From the Tavern Too—Love Letter on a Fish 1/4/09

Michael Smith—Michael Margaret Pat & Kate 2/3/03

Michael Smith—There 2/17/03

Carolann Solebello—Shiver 5/27/18

The Solipsistics—Jesus of the Apes 9/7/01

The Sons of the Never Wrong—One If By Hand 10/5/01

Sons of the Never Wrong—Church of the Never Wrong 2/26/12 

Rosalie Sorrels—No Closing Chord—The Songs of Malvina Reynolds

John Stewart—Wires From the Bunker 9/1/01

Kristie Stremel—All I Really Want 12/2/02

Gordon Stone Band—Red Room 2/16/03

David Jacobs-Strain—Stuck On the Way Back 12/4/02

The subdudes—Behind the Levee 4/4/06

Sunny Day Real Estate—The Rising Tide

Ben Taylor—Deeper Than Gravity 8/4/07

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez—Let’s Leave This Town 12/18/02

Chip Taylor—The London Sessions Bootleg +

Dulcie Taylor—Diamond & Glass 12/4/02

Louise TaylorTangerine

Paul Thorn—Hammer and Nail

Nibs Van Der Spuy—Beautiful Feet

Townes Van Zandt 2/16/03

Various—Christmas on the Lam and Other Songs From the Season

Various—For the Love of the Music—the Club 47 Folk Revival (Video) 8/17/14

Various—Going Driftless—an Artist’s Tribute to Greg Brown 2/17/03

Various—Hot & Spicy 2/5/07

Various—Massachusetts For Folk 8/1/01

Various—Our Side of Town: A Red House Records 25th Year Collection 4/13/08

Various—People on the Highway: A Bert Jansch Encomium

Various—The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol.2 4/21/02

Various—Songs for Sophie—A Collings Collective 8/1/06

Various—13 Ways to Live 2/5/07

Various—'Til We Outnumber ‘em—The Songs of Woody Guthrie

The Waifs—Ironbark 10/9/17

The Wailin’ Jennys—Firecracker 8/1/06

The Wailin' Jennys—Fifteen 10/19/17

Loudon Wainwright III—Here Come The Choppers! 8/1/06

Weavermania!—Weavermania! Live 8/1/06

Keith Whitley—Sad Songs and Waltzes

Alan Whitney—The Borderland 9/28/02

David Wilcox—Vista 8/1/06

Steve Wildey—Along the Way 8/1/06

Doug and Telisha Williams—Rope Around My Heart 8/1/06

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie—Plow to the end of the Row 3/6/05

Diane Zeigler—These Are The Roots 9/9/01



Bluegrass/Traditional/Newgrass (including bluegrass/traditional influenced)


ASV—Goin’ To The Dance 2/5/07

Bad Livers—Blood & Mood

Norman Blake—Flower From The Fields Of Alabama 9/28/02

Alison Brown— Fair Weather

Sam Bush—Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride

Mo Canada—Grassoline 8/4/07

Lui Collins—Leaving Fort Knox 6/17/01

Lui Collins—Closer 8/1/06

Crooked Still—Hop High 4/4/06

Curtis & Loretta—Gone Forever 9/28/02

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Cocktail Swing 12/2/02

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Big Old Life 

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Some Bright Morning 4/16/12 

Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem—Violets Are Blue 2/9/15 

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Wintersong 12/15/16

Julie Elkins & David Thompson—My Feet Won’t Miss This Ground 8/1/06

Free Range Pickin’—Free Range Pickin’ 9/5/05

Tony Furtado and the American Gypsies—Live Gypsy 2/5/07

Mike Aldridge, Bob Brozman, & David Grisman—Tone Poems III

Aubrey Haynie—A Man Must Carry On

Jones & Leva—Vertie’s Dream

Chris Jones—A Few Words—The Best of the Originals 8/1/06

Hubie King and Diane Jones—“There Are No Rules” 4/4/06

Kane’s River—Same River Twice 4/4/06

Julie Lee—Stillhouse Road 1/18/09 

Rick Lee—There's Talk About a Fence

James Leva—Memory Theatre 8/1/06

Vivian Leva—Time is Everything 3/10/18

John Lowell & Ben Winship—Growling Old Men—Occupational Hazards 4/4/06

Claire Lynch—New Day 8/4/07

Claire Lynch—Dear Sister 6/2/13

Claire Lynch—North by South 3/11/17

The Mammals—Evolver 12/18/02

Wil Maring—The Turning of a Century 2/5/07

Wil Maring—The Calling 2/5/07

Daryl Mosley & Tim Graves—Remembering the Beacon Brothers 2/5/07

Mountain Thyme—A Smile at the Door 2/5/07

Nickel Creek—Nickel Creek

Mollie O'Brien—Things I Gave Away

Maddy Prior & the Girls—Bib & Tuck 9/5/05

PossumHaw—Madtom 4/13/08

Reed Island Rounders—Goin’ Back 4/4/06

Rootbound—Rootbound 8/1/06

Ivan Rosenberg—The Lost Coast 8/1/06

Rust Farm—Snows Of March 12/2/02

Darrell Scott—Modern Hymns 1/4/09

Silk City—Time 6/11/02

Martin Simpson—Prodigal Son 3/2/08

Martin Simpson—Righteousness & Humidity 1/1/08

Rosalie Sorrels—Strangers in Another Country—The Songs of Bruce “Utah” Phillips 1/4/09

Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin—Songs of The Carter Family 9/1/01

Steppin’ In It—Last Winter in the Copper Country 9/28/02

Various—Contra Music—The Sound of New England 8/1/06

Various—Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still—The Warner Collection, Vol.1 9/3/01

Various—O Sister 2: A Woman’s Bluegrass Collection 2/17/03

Various—Time-Life’s Treasury Of Bluegrass 2/17/03

Various—A Tribute To John Hartford–Live From Mountain Stage 6/22/02

The Waybacks—Burger After Church 8/1/06





Jody Stecher—Going Up On the Mountain The Classic First Recordings, Oh The Wind And Rain





Bernard Allison—Kentucky Fried Blues Live 6/1/03

Kenny Brown—Stingray 6/1/03

Grady Champion—Payin' For My Sins

Shemekia Copeland—Talking To Strangers 9/28/02

Guy Davis—Skunkmello 8/1/06

David Gogo—Halfway to Memphis 6/6/02

Cathy Grier—Comin’ Back To Me 2/16/03

John Hammond—Wicked Grin 6/1/01

John Hammond—Ready For Love 2/17/03

Corey Harris—Downhome Sophisticate 9/28/02

Corey Harris and Henry Butler—Vu-du Menz

Holmes Brothers—Righteous! 9/28/02

Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers—Roots Stew

Chris Thomas King—A Young Man’s Blues 9/28/02

Little Ed and the Blues Imperials—Heads Up 9/28/02

Ladell McLin—Stand Out 9/5/05

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit— Jubilee 6/1/03

Big Bill Morganfield—Ramblin Mind

Maria Muldaur—Richland Woman Blues 6/1/01

Charlie Musselwhite—One Night in America 2/10/02

The Nighthawks—Pain & Paradise 2/10/02

Francine Reed—I Got A Right...To Some Of My Best 11/5/01

Roy Rogers—Slideways 6/6/02

Lauren Sheehan—Two Wings 4/4/06

Jimmy Smith—Dot Com Blues

Otis Taylor—Respect the Dead 3/26/02

Various—Frett'n The Blues—Best of the Guitar Greats

Various—Hellhound On My Trail—The Songs of Robert Johnson 9/1/01

Various—Preachin' The Blues-the music of Mississippi Fred McDowell 2/10/02/

Various—The Handy Nominees Vol.1 6/7/02

Little Toby Walker—Back In the Groove 9/28/02



Country/Alt Country/Roots Rock


Nancy Apple—Outside The Lines

Nancy Apple—Shoulda Lied About That 2/5/07

Nancy Apple & Rob McNurlin—River Road or Rail 2/5/07

The Believers—Crashyertown 4/4/06

Brooklyn Cowboys—Doin’ Time on Planet Earth 8/1/01

Kenny Butterill—Just a Songwriter 6/1/03

Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley Boys—Acres of Heartache

The Flatlanders—Now Again 7/8/02

Hangtown—Here For Now

The Hot Club of Cowtown—Ghost Train 12/18/02

Kazuhiro Inaba—Teardrop On A Rose 8/1/06

J-45—Long Distance Lovers 10/27/01

Eilen Jewell—Letters From Sinners & Strangers

Bill Kirchen—Tied to the Wheel 5/25/02

Randy Kohrs—I’m Torn 2/5/07

Last Train Home—Bound Away 9/5/05

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens—Blood & Treasure 1/4/09

Delbert McClinton—Room To Breathe 6/1/03

Colleen McFarland—Let It Shine 1/4/09

John Moreland—Big Bad Luv 7/1/18

Kacey Musgraves—Golden Hour 4/29/18

Outlaw Family Band—Outlaw Family Band 4/4/06

Earl Pickens—Country Music Jukebox 9/5/05

The Paladins—Slippin' In 6/1/01

Raisins In The Sun—Raisins In The Sun 3/26/02

Kimmie Rhodes—Walls Fall Down 1/4/09

Roy Rogers—Slideways 6/7/02

Zach Tate Band—Southern Rain 8/4/07

Phillip Sandifer—Go On 6/29/18

Todd Thibaud—Northern Skies 9/5/05

Various—No Depression—What It Sounds Like (Vol. 1) 4/4/06

Various—A Tribute to the Cadillac 9/5/05

Dallas Wayne—Here I Am In Dallas 4/6/02

White Animals—White Animals 4/6/02





Altan—Another Sky

Altan—The Blue Idol 4/6/02

Black 47—New York 3/6/05

Black 47—Bittersweet Sixteen 8/1/06

The Chieftains—Chieftains 1, Chieftains 2

Aoife Clancy—Silvery Moon 2/5/07

Dervish—Decade: Magical Irish Music! 12/2/02

Great Big Sea—Sea Of No Cares 4/6/02

Fathom—Available Light 7/7/02

Tim Gorman—Celtic Loop 2/5/07

The Hungry Monks—All Through the Night: A Celtic Celebration of the Holiday Season 12/2/07

Eileen Ivers—An Nollaig—An Irish Christmas 12/7/07

Lùnasa—Lùnasa 8/1/06

Casey Neill Trio—Portland West 12/2/02

Kim Robertson—Dance To Your Shadow

Sharon Shannon & Friends—The Diamond Mountain Sessions 10/27/01

Urban Trad—One O Four 8/13/01

Various—Holding Up Half the Sky—Voices of Celtic Women Volume Two 12/2/02

Various—The Rough Guide to Irish Folk 12/2/02




Dolores Keane—There Was a Maid



Cajun and New Orleans


Balfa Toujours—Live At Whiskey River Landing 6/1/01

Charivari—I Want to Dance With You 9/28/02

Bruce Daigrepont—Paradis

The Iguanas—Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart 6/1/03

Anders Osborne—Ash Wednesday Blues 8/3/01

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys—Happytown 8/3/01

Bruce Molsky/Michael Doucet/Darol Anger/Rushad Eggleston—Fiddlers 4 9/28/02

Various—Medicine Show Vol. 2—Live at Grant St. Dancehall 9/2/01





Boozoo Chavis—Johnnie Billy Goat 8/3/01

The Buckwheat Zydeco Ils Sont Partis Band—Buckwheat’s Zydeco Party 7/8/02

Buckwheat Zydeco—Down Home Live! Thanksgiving at El Sid O’s 2/16/03

Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band—Ready Or Not

Lil' Buck Sinegal—The Buck Starts Here

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas—Let's Go 9/1/01

Terrance Simien—The Tribute Sessions 9/1/01

Various—Medicine Show Vol.2—Live at Grant St. Dancehall 9/1/01





Mahalia Jackson 9/28/02

The Big DooWopper—Feel The Spirit–A Tribute to Mahalia Jackson 6/1/03

Various—Recorded Live at the Second Sacred Steel Convention 7/8/02





Moe Denham—The Soul Jazz Sessions 8/1/06

Brent Gunter—Andalucia 4/4/06

Incognito—Eleven 4/4/06

Location One—Key 6/1/03

Los Niños de Sara—Gipsyolè 6/1/03

Kenneth Nash—Deep Inn It 8/4/07

Jonn Serrie—And the Stars Go With You 9/28/02

Tuck & Patti—I Remember You 1/4/09




Miles Davis—Big Fun

Miles Davis—Get Up With It

Miles Davis—On The Corner

Mahavishnu Orchestra—Birds Of Fire

Thelonious Monk—The Columbia Years – ‘62-’68 9/28/02

Thelonious Monk—Straight No Chaser—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2/16/03

Charlie Parker—Bird—Original Soundtrack 2/17/03

Jaco Pastorius—Jaco Pastorius

Various—Round Midnight—The Original Motion Soundtrack 9/28/02





Solomon Burke—Soul Alive! 9/28/02




Earth, Wind & Fire—The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol. II





Colcannon—The Pooka and the Fiddler & Happy as Larry 8/1/06

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer—Pocket Full of Stardust 12/18/02

Lunch Money—Silly Reflection 2/5/07

Richard Perlmutter—Beethoven’s Wig—Sing Along Symphonies 2/17/03

Ralph’s World—Peggy’s Pie Parlor 6/1/03

Two of a Kind—Patchwork Planet 9/28/02

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