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updated 9/24/00

Books That Matter

The link between great music and great literature has often been mentioned in Music Matters. The following is a selection of books related to the music and artists reported on in our publication. We are proud to offer these books for sale in association with

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Wendell Berry--Fidelity
(Pantheon Books, 1993--reprint edition)

"Berry richly evokes Port William's farmlands and hamlets, and his characters are fiercely individual, yet mutually protective in everything they do. . . . His sentences are exquisitely constructed, suggesting the cyclic rhythms of his agrarian world."--New York Times Book Review.

This is an author that Leandra reads to Neal as they travel from gig to gig. Even if you are not hearing this book in Leandra Peak's beautiful voice it is a collection to savor and re-read.

Rosanne Cash--Bodies of Water
(Hyperion, 1996)

Bodies of Water is what fans of Rosanne Cash's recent music might expect--personal, profound and beautifully written fiction. Her experiences as a mother and a performer surely inform the vividly drawn characters portrayed in these short stories. This book is beautifully presented graphically and well worth owning in hard cover.

Nicholas Dawidoff--In The Country Of Country: People and Places in American Music
(Pantheon, 1997)

This book is an honest search for country music that draws a line that runs through, Jimmie Rodgers, The Louvin Brothers, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Iris Dement and others. Is Garth really the anti-Hank?

Laura Lee--Arlo, Alice and Anglicans: The Lives of a New England Church
(Berkshire House Pub, 2000)

This book tells the story of the "Alice's Restaurant" building, and the stories around it. More than one person has told me to check out this fascinating story.

Norman Maclean--Young Men and Fire
(The University of Chicago Press, 1992)

Read the book that inspired James Keelaghan to write "Cold Missouri Water."

Suzanne Vega--The Passionate Eye : The Collected Writing of Suzanne Vega
(Avon, 1999)

A deeper look into the "female Leonard Cohen."

Elizabeth Zipern, Linor Zipern and Dar Williams--The Tofu Tollbooth
(Ceres Press, 1998)

A vegetarian's guide to driving around and eating. This is a lots of very practical info--names, addresses and directions from highways. Widely acclaimed for its charming style.


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