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Roy Rogers Link:

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

2002, Evidence

Roy Rogers by a window in a loft with his guitarRoy Rogers may not be a cowboy but he sure rides his 6 string steed like a bucking bronco. From start to finish, great slide style and chops are showcased in a generously wide variety of musical settings, all instrumental yet totally absorbing. Slideways has been one of 2002’s most satisfying and rewarding listens. This is a disk of eclectic and interesting pieces that feature the guest workmanship of Zigaboo Modeliste of the Meters, Francis Clay of the Muddy Waters Blues Band as well as Norton Buffalo’s harp, Philip Aaberg’s keys and Freddie Roulette on the lap steel. The help puts Rogers on the map in his “continuing journey through American Roots music.” The journey is fueled by high octane, throttle bursting neck burners that leave his slide melted and grooved. All this energy is delivered with feeling and respect for his audience and the music. Notes aren’t shoveled into your ears but are applied appropriately. I like the way Spin mag characterized Roy’s work. They said, it “sounds the way good bourbon tastes, smooth and with a kick!” His playing exhibits virtuousity, grace, towering technique and  a “wailing sound (and churning rhythms).” This is ear candy for the lover of taste, timing, timbre, tonal quality and musical truth.—Mark Gresser

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