FALL ON ME . . . Michael Stipe

Capo IV

Intro: On the CD, the picking pattern is 53332333, but it will sound better when you're playing solo if you do it this way:

Make a (C) chord, and pick the following individual strings three times: 54342343, then strum the chord and hold . . .

(Dm)There's a problem, (Am)feathers, iron
(Dm)Bargain buildings, (Am)weights and pullies
(Dm)Feathers hit the (Am)ground before the (Dm)weight can leave the (Am)air
(Dm)Buy the (G)sky and (C)sell the (F)sky and (Dm)tell the sky and (G)tell the sky

Don't (C)fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G) (F) (Em)

(Dm)There's the progress (Am)we have found
A (Dm)way to talk a(Am)round the problem
(Dm)Building towered (Am)foresight isn't (Dm)anything at (Am)all
(Dm)Buy the (G)sky and (C)sell the (F)sky and (Dm)bleed the sky and (G)tell the sky

Don't (C)fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G) (F) (Em)

(Am)Well I could (F)keep it above (Am)
But then it (G)wouldn't be sky any(Am)more
So if I (F)send it to you you've got to (Dm)promise to keep it (G)whole

(Dm)Buy the (G)sky and (C)sell the (F)sky
And (Dm)lift your (G)arms up (C)to the (F)sky
And (Dm)ask the sky and (G)ask the sky

Don't (C)fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G)
(C)Fall(Dm) on (F)me (G) (F) (Em)

Repeat and fade out . . .

©Warner-Tamerlane/Night Garden Music (BMI)

COLD MISSOURI WATERS . . . James Keelaghan

On the CD, I'm pretty sure Richard Shindell plays this song in C fingering with the capo at the second fret. But live, he does it in G fingering, which is what I'll show here. To play along with the CD, you'll capo at the seventh fret.

Note: the "Am/B" isn't really a chord, it's really a bass-line walk-up from the Am to the C, which means that on the 5th (A) string, you'll play it open (on the Am chord), pick the second fret (on the Am/B chord), then the third fret (on the C chord). As with most of my suggestions, it's a lot easier to do than to show.

Intro: (Am)(Am/B)(C)(D) . . . (Am)(Em)(C)

My (G)name is Dodge, but you (Em)know that
It's (C)written on the chart there at the (G)foot end of the (D)bed
They (G)think I'm blind, that I can't (Em)read it
But I've (C)read it every word and every (G)word it says is (D)death

So, con(Em)fession . . . is that the (C)reason that you (G)came
Get it (Em)off my chest before I (C)check out of the (D)game
Since you (Em)mention it, well there's (C)thirteen things I'll (G)name
(Am)Thirteen (Am/B)crosses (C)high above the (D)cold Missouri (Em)waters (C)

August (G)'49, North Mon(Em)tana
The (C)hottest day on record and the (G)forest tinder (D)dry
Lightning (G)strikes in the (Em)mountains
I was (C)crew chief at the jump base, I pre(G)pared the boys to (D)fly

Pick the (Em)drop zone, C-4(C)7 comes in (G)low
Feel the (Em)tap upon your (C)leg that tells you (D)go
See the (Em)circle of the (C)fire down be(G)low
(Am)Fifteen (Am/B)of us (C)dropped above the (D)cold Missouri (Em)waters (C)

Gauged the (G)fire, I'd seen (Em)bigger
So I (C)ordered them to side hill, we'd (G)fight it from be(D)low
We'd (G)have our backs to the (Em)river
We'd (C)have it licked by morning even (G)if we took it (D)slow

But the (Em)fire crowned, jumped the (C)valley just a(G)head
There was (Em)no way down, we headed (C)for the ridge in(D)stead
Too big to (Em)fight it; we'd have to (C)fight that slope in(G)stead
(Am)Flames one (Am/B)step be(C)hind above the (D)cold Missouri (Em)waters


Sky (G)turned red, the smoke was (Em)boiling
Two (C)hundred yards to safety, death was (G)fifty yards be(D)hind
I don't (G)know why, I just (Em)thought it
I (C)struck a match to waist-high grass, (G)runnin' out of (D)time

Tried to (Em)tell them "Step in(C)to this fire I've (G)set
We can't (Em)make it, this is the (C)only chance you'll (D)get"
But they (Em)cursed me, ran for the (C)rocks above in(G)stead
I (Am)laid face (Am/B)down and (C)prayed above the (D)cold Missouri (Em)waters

(Am)(Am/B)(C)(D) . . . (D)(Am)(Em)(C)

Then (G)when I arose, like the (Em)Phoenix
In that (C)world reduced to ashes, there were (G)none but two sur(D)vived
I (G)stayed that night, and one day (Em)after
Carried (C)bodies to the river, wondering (G)how I stayed a(D)live

Thirteen (Em)stations of the (C)cross to mark their (G)fall
I've (Em)had my say, I'll con(C)fess to nothing (D)more
I'll (Em)join them now, those that (C)left me long be(G)fore
(Am)Thirteen (Am/B)crosses (C)high above the (D)cold Missouri (Em)waters
(Am)Thirteen (Am/B)crosses (C)high above the (D)cold Missouri (Am)(Am/B)(C)(D)shore



Capo II

Intro: (G)(G/F#)(Em)(C)(G)(D)

(G)He don't (G/F#)know how to (Em)lie (C)or undermine (G)you (D)
(G)He don't (G/F#)know how to (Em)steal
(C)How to deal or de(G)ceive
So (G/F#)leave him (Em)alone
(C)Set (G)him (D)free
'Cause he's (G)speaking with the (G/F#)angel (Em)
(C)Speaking with the an(D)gel
That only (G)he (G/F#)can (Em)see (C)(G)(D)

(G)You say (G/F#)he's so (Em)helpless (C)but what about (G)you (D)
(G)You don't (G/F#)pull the (Em)strings
(C)Don't you know any(G)thing
(G/F#)Leave him (Em)alone
(C)Let (G)him (D)be
'Cause he's (G)speaking with the (G/F#)angel (Em)
(C)Speaking with the an(D)gel
That only (G)he (G/F#)can (Em)see (C)

Would you (D)teach him 'bout (G)heaven
Would you (C)show him (D)how to love the (G)earth
Would you (G/F#)poison him with (Em)prejudice
From the (Am)moment of his (Dsus)birth (D)

(G)He, in the (G/F#)name of (Em)love, (C)in the blood of the (G)lamb (D)
(G)He that (G/F#)never lays (Em)blame
(C)He don't even know his (G)name
So (G/F#)leave him (Em)alone
(C)Set (G)him (D)free
'Cause he's (G)speaking with the (G/F#)angel (Em)
(C)Speaking with the an(D)gel
The (C)very (D)one that spoke to (G)you (G/F#)and (Em)me (C)

Do you rem(G)ember (G/F#) (Em) (C) (G)

THE KID . . . Buddy Mondlock

Capo II

*Note: After the second verse, Cry Cry Cry modulates down to a bizarre little Bflat break, but since I'm going to make the assumption that most of you are going to go right to the third verse, I'm taking the liberty of substituting a (C) chord (which, by the way, is how David Wilcox does it in what is generally considered to be the definitive version of this song, and if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me). [If you're desperate to do it true to the Cry3 version, I've included the break chords at the bottom. Play Bflat as a 113331 barre chord.]

Also, in all but the first verse, play the (C) chord with a high-G fretted: 032013

(C)I'm the (G)kid who (Am)ran away with the (F)circus
(C)Now I'm (G)watering (F)ele(G)phants
(C)But I (G)sometimes (Am)lie awake in the (F)sawdust
(C)Dreaming (G)I'm in a (F)suit of (G)light
(Am)Late at night in the (Fmaj7)empty big top
I'm (Am)all alone on the (Fmaj7)high wire
(Am)Look, he's working (D7)without a net this time
(G)He's a real death-defyer

(C)I'm the (G)kid who (Am)always looked out the (F)window
(C)Failing (G)tests in ge(F)ogra(G)phy
(C)But I've (G)seen things (Am)far beyond just the (F)school yard
(C)Distant (G)shores of ex(F)otic (G)lands
(Am)There're the spires of the (Fmaj7)Turkish Empire
(Am)Six months since we made (Fmaj7)landfall
(Am)Riding low with the (D7)spice of India
(G)Through Gibralter
We're rich men (C)*all

(C)I'm the (G)kid who (Am)thought we'd someday be (F)lovers
(C)Always (G)held out that (F)time would (G)tell
(C)Time was (G)talking, (Am)guess I just wasn't (F)listening
(C)No sur(G)prise if you (F)know me (G)well
(Am)And as we're walking (Fmaj7)toward the train station
(Am)There's a whispering (Fmaj7)rainfall
(Am)Cross the boulevard (D7)you slip your hand in mine
(G)In the distance the train calls

(C)I'm the (G)kid who (Am)has this habit of (F)dreaming
(C)Sometimes (G)gets me in (F)trouble (G)too
(C)But the (G)truth is (Am)I could no more stop (F)dreaming
(C)Than I (G)could make them (F)all come (C)true


Bizarre little Bflat break

. . . (G)Through Gibralter
We're rich men (Bflat)all

(C) . . . (G) . . . (Bflat) . . . (C) . . . (G)

(C)I'm the (G)kid who (Am)thought we'd someday be (F)lovers . . .

©1995 EMI April Music Inc. and Sparking Gap Music

SHADES OF GRAY . . . Robert Earl Keen

Capo IV

Intro: (Am)(F)(C)(G) . . . (F)(G)(Am)

(Am)We made Oklahoma a (C)little after three
(G)Randy, his brother Bob, in my old GM(Am)C
We had some moonshine whiskey
(C)Some of Bob's homegrown
We were (G)so messed up we didn't know if we were drunk or (Am)stoned

(Am)Randy was a sad sack, (C)tall, kinda frail
(G)Bob was a ravin' maniac, crazier than (Am)hell
They'd been kicked outta high school (C)several years ago
For (G)kickin' over porta-cans at the 4H rode(Am)o

Since (Am)then they done their little dance (C)right outside the law
Popped (G)twice in Oklahoma and once in Arkan(Am)sas
And I (Am)don't know what possessed me to (C)want to tag along
'Cause (G)I was raised a Christian and I knew right from (Am)wrong

(F)Right or wrong black or (C)white
(G)Cross the line you're gonna (Am)pay
(C)In the (G)dawn before the (Am)light
(F)Live or (G)die by shades of (Am)gray

We (Am)stole two charolais heifers from (C)Randy's sweetheart's pa
And (G)sold them at the livestock sale outside of Wichi(Am)ta
We got nine hundred dollars and (C)never did suspect
The (G)world of hurt we'd be in once we cashed the (Am)check

The (Am)next day we heard the story on the (C)local radio
And (G)made our plans that very night to go to Mexi(Am)co
And I swear we would've made it if it (C)wasn't for the 'shine
(G)I got sick about the time we crossed that Kansas (Am)line

(F)Right or wrong black or (C)white
(G)Cross the line you're gonna (Am)pay
(C)In the (G)dawn before the (Am)light
(F)Live or (G)die by shades of (Am)gray

(Am)(F)(C)(G) . . . (F)(G)(Am)

I was (Am)lying in the bar ditch, (C)praying I would die
When a (G)light come on above us and a voice called from the (Am)sky
A half a dozen unmarked cars came (C)screeching to a halt
They (G)grabbed Bob; he started screaming that it was all my (Am)fault

There were (Am)men and dogs and helicopters (C)flying all around
They had the (G)brothers on the pickup hood and me down on the (Am)ground
Then Bob flew all to pieces, but (C)Randy he held tight
When a (G)black man in a suit and tie stepped into the (Am)light

He (Am)told his men to turn us loose and they (C)put down their guns
He said, (G)"These are just some sorry kids; they ain't the (Am)ones"

(F)Right or wrong black or (C)white
(G)Cross the line you're gonna (Am)pay
(C)In the (G)dawn before the (Am)light
(F)Live or (G)die by shades of (Am)gray

They (Am)left us by the roadside, down(C)hearted and alone
(G)Randy got behind the wheel, said, "Boys, I'm going (Am)home"
So we turned 'round and faced our fate, hung (C)over but alive
On that (G)morning, Oklahoma, late April, ninety (Am)five

(play chords from the verse and fade out . . . )

©1997 Keen Edge Music (BMI)


Note: Play the (C) chord with a high-G fretted: 032013

*hammer on second string/third fret
**hammer on first string/second fret

Oh, (D)Lord, I have made you a (C)place in my (G)heart
Among the (A)rags and the bones and the (Bm)dirt *
There's (D)piles of lies and the (C)love gone from her (G)eyes
And (A)old moving boxes full of (D)hurt **
(C)Pull up a (G)chair by the (D)trouble and care
I got (C)whisky, you're (G)welcome to (A)some

Oh, (D)Lord, I have made you a (C)place in my (G)heart
But I (A)don't reckon you're gonna (D)come **

Tried to (D)fix up the place, I (C)know it's a dis(G)grace
You get (A)used to it after a (Bm)while *
With the (D)flood and the drought and old (C)pals hangin' (G)out
With their (A)I-owe-you's and their (D)smiles **
(C)Bare-naked (G)women (D)keep comin' in
And they (C)dance like you (G)would not (A)believe

Oh, (D)Lord, I have made you a (C)place in my (G)heart
So (A)take a good look and then (D)leave **

Oh, (D)Lord, why does the fall get (C)colder each (G)year
(A)Lord, why can't I learn to (Bm)love *
(D)Lord, if you made me, it's (C)easy to (G)see
(A)Y'all make mistakes up (D)above **
But if I (C)open the (G)door you will (D)know that I'm poor
And my (C)secrets are (G)all that I (A)own

Oh, (D)Lord, I have made you a (C)place in my (G)heart
And I (A)hope that you leave it (D)alone **

(D) . . . (C) . . . (G) . . . (A) . . . (D) **

©1997 Hacklebarney Music

BY WAY OF SORROW . . . Julie Miller

Capo II

Intro: Strum (G) then walk down via 6th string/2nd fret (the note's an F#) to the (Em) chord that starts the verse. Do this between each chorus and the beginning of the next verse.

(Em)You've been taken (D)by the (G)wind
You have (C)known the (G)kiss of (D)sor(C)row
(Em)Doors that would not (D)take you (G)in
(C)Outcast (G)and a (D)stran(C)ger

(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)sorrow
(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)tears
(Em)But you'll (D)reach your (G)desti(C)ny
(Em)Meant to find you (D)all these (C)years
(Em)Meant to (C)find you (D)all these (G)years

(Em)You have drunk a (D)bitter (G)wine
With (C)none to (G)be your (D)com(C)fort
(Em)You who once were (D)left be(G)hind
Will be (C)welcome (G)at love's (D)ta(C)ble


(Em)All the nights that (D)joy has (G)slept
Will a(C)wake to (G)days of (D)laugh(C)ter
(Em)Gone the tears that (D)you have (G)wept
You'll dance in (C)freedom (G)ever (D)af(C)ter

(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)sorrow
(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)tears
(Em)But you'll (D)reach your (G)desti(C)ny
(Em)Meant to find you (D)all these (C)years
(Em)Meant to (C)find you (D)all these . . .

(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)sorrow
(Em)You have (D)come by (G)way of (C)tears
(Em)But you'll (D)reach your (G)desti(C)ny
(Em)Meant to find you (D)all these (C)years
(Em)Meant to (C)find you (D)all these (G)years

©1997 Martha Road Music

MEMPHIS . . . Cliff Eberhardt

OK, this one's mostly right, but for the life of me I can't really nail what the second chord in the 1st, 3rd and 7th lines of the verses is . . . the one I'm writing as an (Am9). On Richard's version, played in the key of (C), it's sort of a mamby-pamby nebulous-sounding kinda-sorta transitional half-chord (how's that for definitive, eh?) that could just as likely be an (Em7) or an (Am7) or a (Cmaj7) or a (B#9aug+dim#7sus4/H) . . . so I went and listened to Cliff's own version. He plays the song in (E), so a lot of good that did. But Cliff's second chord sounded like the relative minor, so I figured that in the key of (C), the chord would be an (Am). But then I was informed that Richard was really just floating a B note in there, and that the chord was an (Am9). So try it this way: 022010, but feel free to experiment, and feel freer to write me and let me know if you figure it out more better than I did.

Intro: (C)(G) . . . (C)(G) . . . (F)

(C)All night long and (Am9)half the next day
(F)Oh I'm in (G)trouble (C)now (G)
(C)All of the pay phones a(Am9)long the interstate
And (F)I am the last to (G)know
(F)All of our memories ap(Em)pear on the road to me
(Dm)No matter (Dm/C)what I (G)do
There's a (C)lot of nice sights from (Am9)Denver to Memphis
And (F)all I can (G)see is (C)you (G)

I (C)used to be grateful for (Am9)all of the travel
But (F)now I can't (G)really (C)tell (G)
A(C)way on business (Am9)headed for Memphis
Oh but (F)I'm on the road to (G)hell
(F)You put the blame on me for (Em)taking the things I need
(Dm)Some of those (Dm/C)things came (G)true
I (C)waited my whole life (Am9)just to see Memphis
Now (F)all I can (G)see is (C)you

(Fm)Voices are calling me (C)on
(Fm)Sometimes the voices you (Gsus4)hear can be (G)wrong

(C)I thought of stopping (Am9)and maybe calling
But (F)I know what (G)you would (C)say (G)
That a (C)whole world of love (Am9)shared by two people
(F)Some things can never (G)change
(F)It still confuses me (Em)this is why you would leave
(Dm)Do what you (Dm/C)have to (G)do
(C)I saw my choices (Am9)and I chose Memphis
Now (F)all I can (G)see is (Am)you
(F)All I can see is (C)you

©1997 Group Denial Music, Cherry River Music Co./BMI

DOWN BY THE WATER . . . Jim Armenti

Capo II

I've transcribed this the way Lucy sings it, although the original lyrics say "Corrinna" instead of "my darling" and the "he's" are all "she's." And yes, in the second verse, "sluice" is the right word. For inquiring minds, it means "entrance" or "passage" but is much cooler. And thus ends today's lesson of "It Pays To Increase Your Word Power."

By the way, instead of playing the G and D7 chords in standard position, you can get the song's funkier sound by playing them like this:

*Play the G as an F figure at the third fret (barre 355433)
*Play the D7 as a C7 figure at the third fret (054530)

That way you can just slide between the D7 and C7 without changing the hand position.

Intro: (G)

(G)Down by the water where the big dam is standing
I met my darling last (D7)night
And while the (C7)pale moon was sinking
(D7)We lay there drinking
And (C7)listening to our hearts (D7)

(G)Down by the water with the steel turbines humming
I held my darling last (D7)night
When the (C7)big sluice was opened
The (D7)river went running
And (C7)turned on the lights (D7)

Down by the (F)water, I thought I (C)knew
Down by the (F)water, quick as the (C)dew
Down by the (D7)water

(G)Cool was the air through the folds of his hair
As he told me to listen once (D7)more
(C7)I heard the wind making (D7)waves on the water
That (C7)reached for the shore (D7)

(G)So many reasons, like drops from a rain cloud
He could've been talking all (D7)night
In(C7)stead he just left me and (D7)I watched the river
(C7)Drain out of sight (D7)

Down by the (F)water, I thought I (C)knew
Down by the (F)water, quick as the (C)dew
Down by the (D7)water

(G)Down by the water where the big dam is standing
I met my darling last (D7)night
And while the (C7)pale moon was sinking
(D7)I lay there drinking
And (C7)listening to my heart (D7)

Down by the (F)water, we fell a(C)part
Down by the (F)water, right from the (C)start
Down by the (F)water, quick as the (C)dew
Down by the (D7)water

©deVague Publishing (BMI)


Capo III

Bm: play with an open first string: 024430
Bm/G: 304430
Bm*: 024400
D: 000232
Dsus2: 000230
F#: 244321 (barre chord F moved up one fret)
Em7: 020030
A: 002220
Asus: 002230

Note: The (D)(D/C#)(D/B) progression is a 5th string walk-down: 4th string open, 5th string/4th fret, 5th string/2nd fret.

Another note: The intro to this song is really cool to play, so I'm going to try to lay it out as simply as possible. The graphics below, sent to me by Maria Mrowicki, should really help out. First, finger a Bm chord as outlined above and then pluck strings 5-4-1-2 in progression four times . . . then play the Bm/G (which means simply move your index finger from the 5th string/2nd fret to the 6th string/3rd fret) and play 6-4-1-2 three times . . . then play the following four single notes: 4th string/4th fret . . . 3rd string open . . . 3rd string/2nd fret . . . 2nd string/2nd fret. See? You're confused already and you haven't even started the song yet. But play along with the CD and keep working at it; it's deceptively easy.

Intro: see above

(D)I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (F#)love this (G)is
After (Dsus2)all, I was (Em7)there when we (A)made it
(D)I (D/C#)know why (D/B)I did (F#)what I (G)did
To end a (Dsus2)lifetime of (Em7)wallflower (A)shade
(Bm*)With Buster (A)Brown
(Bm*)The big man in the (A)town
(Bm*)When no one was (A)around

(D)I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is
I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is

The (D/C#)man in (D/B)black said (F#)"You won't (G)mind
It'll be (Dsus2)over be(Em7)fore you (A)know it (Asus)
(D)You (D/C#)can pre(D/B)tend that (F#)you are (G)blind
If it will (Dsus2)help you (Em7)to get (A)over it" (Asus)
(Bm*)On my parents' (A)bed (Asus)
(Bm*)Pretending I am (A)dead
(Bm*)Remember every (A)word he says

(D)I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is
I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is
I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is

Break: (C) . . . (G) . . . (C) . . . (G) . . . (Bm*) . . . (Asus) . . .

(D)And (D/C#)when I (D/B)wake he (F#)will be (G)gone
And I won't (Dsus2)see him un(Em7)til the (A)classroom (Asus)
(D)It's (D/C#)just a (D/B)tale of (F#)right and (G)wrong
That they will (Dsus2)whisper in(Em7)side the (A)bathroom
(Bm*)How she lost the (A)game
(Bm*)She'll never be the (A)same
(Bm*)He doesn't even (A)know her name, but . . .

(D)I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is
I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is
I (D/C#)know what (D/B)kind of (A)love this (D)is

(D/C#) . . . (D/B) . . . (F#) . . . (G) . . . (Dsus2) . . . (Em7) . . . (A) . . . (D)

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THE BALLAD OF MARY MAGDALEN . . . Richard Shindell

Difficult as this may be to believe, there are some folks who've purchased the "Cry Cry Cry" CD who were not Richard Shindell fans to start with, and who do not have the CD from which this song originally came ("Blue Divide") and who wonder why neither of the versions I transcribed in my Richard section don't sound like the version Dar does on C3. So what I've done here is write out one verse and one chorus of the C3 version, since that may be the only one many folks are familiar with. Of course, you must now run out and get Richard's original version, because it's much better than Dar's, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Capo V

G: 320033
G/E: 020033
Dsus: 000233
D: 000232
C: 032010
C/addG: 032013

Intro hint #1: Leave your pinky locked down on the 1st string/3rd fret
Intro hint #2: After playing the (C/addG), pull off the 2nd string/1st fret to play a Cmaj7 (032003)

Intro: (G)(G/E)(Dsus)(C/addG) . . . play 4x

(G)My name (G/E)is Mary (C/addG)Magdalene
I come (D)from Pale(G)stine (C/addG)(D)
(G)Please (G/E)excuse these (C)rags I'm in
But I've fallen (D)on hard (G)times
(C/addG)Long a(D)go I (C)had my (G)work
(C)When I(Am) was in my (D)prime (C)(D)
(G)But I gave it (G/E)up, and (C/addG)all for love
It was his ca(D)reer or (G)mine

(Em)Jesus (D)loved me, (C)this I (G)know
(C)Why on earth did I ever let him (D)go
He was (Em)always (D)faithful
He was (C)always (G)kind
But he (C)walked off (Am)with this (D)heart of (G)mine

AULD LANG SYNE . . . Robert Burns

Here's one just for fun. Cry Cry Cry occasionally played this holiday staple, so I thought it might be a hoot to include it here. They made liberal adjustments to the original Scottish version (most of which I've managed to decipher from the tape of the 12/20/98 show that was broadcast on New York's WFUV) so I've incorporated those changes here. By the way, the web site at which I found the original lyrics calls this "the most popular song no one knows."

Capo IV

(G)Should auld acquaintance (D)be for(G)got
And (Em)never (D)brought to (C)mind
Should (Em)auld ac(D)quaintance (C)be for(Am)got
And (C)days of (Em)auld lang (C)syne

For (G)auld lang (D)syne, my (G)dear
For (Em)auld (D)lang (C)syne
We'll (Em)take a (D)cup of (C)kindness (Am)yet
For (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

We (G)two have ran a(D)bout the (G)braes
And (Em)pushed the (D)gowans (C)fine
We've (Em)wandered (D)many a (C)weary (Am)foot
Sin' (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

Sin' (G)auld lang (D)syne, my (G)dear
Sin' (Em)auld (D)lang (C)syne
We've (Em)wandered (D)many a (C)weary (Am)foot
Sin' (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

We (G)two have sported (D)in the (G)burn
From (Em)morning (D)sun 'til (C)dine
But (Em)seas be(D)tween us (C)braid have (Am)roared
Sin' (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

Sin' (G)auld lang (D)syne, my (G)dear
Sin' (Em)auld (D)lang (C)syne
But (Em)seas be(D)tween us (C)braid have (Am)roared
Sin' (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

So (G)here's a hand, my (D)trusty (G)friend
And (Em)gives a (D)hand of (C)thine
We'll (Em)take a (D)cup of (C)kindness (Am)yet
For (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

For (G)auld lang (D)syne, my (G)dear
For (Em)auld (D)lang (C)syne
We'll (Em)take a (D)cup of (C)kindness (Am)yet
For (C)auld (Em)lang (C)syne

CRY CRY CRY . . . Johnny Cash

Also from the 12/20/98 WFUV broadcast . . . a song about which Dar Williams jokingly said, "Here's a song that Johnny Cash wrote for us back in 1959."

Capo VI

(G)Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down
I think you only live to see the (A7)lights up (D7)town
I (G)wasted my time when I would try, try, try
'Cause (C)when the lights have lost their glow you'll (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)Soon your sugar daddies will all be gone
You'll wake up some cold day and find you're (A7)all a(D7)lone
You'll (G)call for me but I'm gonna tell you bye, bye, bye
When I (C)turn around and walk away you'll (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)You're gonna cry, cry, cry and you'll cry alone
When (C)everyone's forgotten and you're (G)left on your own
You're gonna (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)I lie awake at night to wait till you come in
You stay a little while and then you're (A7)gone a(D7)gain
Every (G)question that I ask I get a lie, lie, lie
For (C)every lie you tell you're gonna (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)You're gonna cry, cry, cry and you'll cry alone
When (C)everyone's forgotten and you're (G)left on your own
You're gonna (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)When your fickle love gets old no one will care for you
Then you'll come back to me for a little (A7)love that's (D7)true
I'll (G)tell you no and then you'll ask me why, why, why
When (C)I remind you of all of this you'll (D)cry, cry, (G)cry

(G)You're gonna cry, cry, cry and you'll cry alone
When (C)everyone's forgotten and you're (G)left on your own
You're gonna (D)cry, cry, (G)cry
You're gonna (D)cry . . . cry, cry, (G)cry