Capo II

Most of the action on this song (outside of the action on the kitchen floor, of course) takes place on the lower strings The verses are basically a fingerpicked 5th and 6th string bass-line walkdown. Ignore the high E string completely, and use the open high B string as a drone on the verses.

G: 32000x
G/F#: 20000x
Em: 02200x
Cmaj7: 03200x
C: 03201x
D/F#: 20023x
Em7: x2000x

Intro: (G)(G/F#)(Em)(Cmaj7) . . . (G)(G/F#)(Cmaj7) . . . repeat . . .

(G)There is no one (G/F#)else around
The (Em)road is quiet, the (Cmaj7)only sound
Is (G)wind that sounds like (G/F#)cars that sound like (Cmaj7)breathing
The (G)desert air is (G/F#)hot and dry
(Em)Two lanes weaving (Cmaj7)earth and sky
The (G)stars are all that's (G/F#)keeping time 'til (Cmaj7)morning

And I (G)turn and look be(G/F#)side me
And you're (Em)sleeping like a (Cmaj7)baby
And you (G)haven't heard a (G/F#)word that I've been (Cmaj7)saying
And the (G)way you (G/F#)look tonight
(Em)Fast asleep in the (Cmaj7)dashboard light
Well I (G)can't speak(G/F#)
(Cmaj7)That's how I feel

(G)Open your (G/F#)eyes and look at (C)me, and look at (D/F#)me
(G)Open your (G/F#)eyes (C)and look at (D/F#))me
(Em)'Cause I (C)have and (G)hold (G/F#)this love for (Em)you
Be(C)fore this (G)ten year (G/F#)night is (Em)through
I'm telling (D/F#)you
Take (G)it from me (G/F#) (Em)
(Cmaj7)Take it from (G)me (G/F#)(Cmaj7)

We're (G)ten years older, I (G/F#)know we are
Than the (Em)night we met in that (Cmaj7)downtown bar
You (G)thought I was some (G/F#)kind of star
(Cmaj7)That's what you said
I (G)felt your skin, I (G/F#)felt the heat
As you (Em)pulled me out in(Cmaj7)to the street
And you (G)kissed me there 'til (G/F#)I was weak
(Cmaj7)'Cause I asked you to
And (G)later on on your (G/F#)kitchen floor
(Em)Two flights above the (Cmaj7)grocery store
I (G)felt things I never (G/F#)felt before, (Cmaj7)and I still do


(C)Going eighty on the (Em7)highway
(Em)We're all rushing (D/F#)somewhere
(C)But the way I (Em7)feel tonight
(Em)It's like I'm (D/F#)already there



Capo III

Intro: (Em)(C)(G)(D) . . . repeat . . .

I (Em)used to hear him sing in a Bleecker Street bar
On that (G)tiny stage with a borrowed guitar
His (D)voice cut through like a speeding car
(C)Tearing through the deals of the brokers at the bar

Then he (Em)sold everything for a Wall Street wage
A (G)rich man's money is a rich man's cage
(D)Pockets full of gold and a dead man's face
There was (C)life in those eyes, now there's not a trace

How much did it (G)cost you
How much did you (D)pay
And are you (Em)sorry at the end of the (C)day
Are you (G)sorry (D)at the end of the (Em)day (C)(G)(D)

She (Em)used to be a friend and a wife and a daughter
Now she's (G)walked on everybody like she's walking on water
She'll (D)kiss you on the mouth while she takes what you give her
Better (C)turn the other cheek when she walks away forever

'Cause you're (Em)just another rung on the ladder to the top
And (G)once she started climbing she couldn't ever stop
With her (D)entourage around her she sits on her throne
But she's the (C)queen of nothing now, she's sitting all alone


(Am)And you (C/B)found out what you (C)wanted
(Am)Well it (C/B)isn't what you (C)need
(Am)And you (C/B)curse this train you're (Em)riding
(Am)You (C/B)curse it (C)but you never (D)leave
Well there's a (Em)way, (C)there's a (Em)way (D)


I (Em)used to hear him sing in a Bleecker Street bar
On that (G)tiny stage with a borrowed guitar
His (D)voice cut through like a speeding car
(C)Tearing through the deals of the brokers at the bar
(C)Tearing through the deals of the brokers at the bar . . .


Capo III

Intro: (Am) . . .

(C)Woke up scared in the middle of the night
(C/B)He reached for the bottle and turned on the light
(Am)Looked at the clock, this can't be right
(C)I'm not dreaming

(C)Turned on the TV and the radio
(C/B)Elvis rocked and Elvis rolled
(Am)While Jesus on his radio show
Said (C)pack your bags, we're leaving

(Am)There's a line I've crossed some(C)where
(F)I left the best of me back (Am)there
Never thought I'd end up (C)here
(F)Guess all the best things disa(Am)ppear

(C)Whiskey is his water and it's made in hell
(C/B)From the bottom of his barrel to the bottom of his well
(Am)Nothing in his room but an empty shell
(C)And he's not dreaming

(C)A drunkard's regrets are a dime a dozen
(C/B)A thousand cures and a thousand poisons
(Am)Even Elvis couldn't find one good reason
(C)To keep believing


(C)Guess she thought she had nothing to lose
(C/B)When she told him he had to choose
(Am)Nice idea but they both knew
(C)That she'd be leaving

(C)Jesus said seek and you shall find
(C/B)He doesn't think it's true this time
(Am)Some things you look for you never find
Like (C)one good reason



Capo III

Intro: (G)(D/F#)(Em)(C) . . . repeat . . .

(G)Five in the morning, (D/F#)lying in bed
(Em)Listening to the thunderstorm (C)in her head
(G)Looks around the room as she (D/F#)opens her eyes
(Em)Pictures on the mantle of a (C)life gone by
She's been sleeping a (Bm)long time (D/F#)

(G)Quiet now, every(D/F#)one still asleep
She can (Em)feel her heart beating, she can (C)hear herself breathe
Her (G)mother told her to be a (D/F#)dark mystery
But the (Em)darkness is out of control and (C)she can't see
But at least she's a(Bm)live (D/F#)

She's gonna (C)hit the ground running from this (Em)dead end street
(D/F#)Saved by the power of her (Am)own two feet
Re(C)membering a song from (Em)long ago
It's (D/F#)around and around, it's the (Am)way things go
The way things (C)go (Em)(D/F#)(Am)(C)(Em)(D/F#)(Am)

(G)Shivers in the cold, (D/F#)slips on her clothes
(Em)Walks downstairs, (C)icy wind blows
(G)Face to face in(D/F#)side the front door
(Em)It's not a crime (C)to need more
There's something I'm (Bm)looking for (D/F#)

(G)If you leave now you can (D/F#)never come back
You're (Em)throwing us away, you (C)can't do that
I'm (G)falling like a leaf from the (D/F#)family tree
I (Em)don't need you the (C)way you need me
You (Bm)need me (D/F#)


(G)Five in the morning, (D/F#)lying in bed
(Em)Listening to the thunderstorm (C)in her head


This song's pretty standard until the weird modulated bridge . . . I know it's not right the way I've transcribed it here, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Capo III

C/B: 020010
C/Bb: 010010

Intro: (D)(G)(A)

Let me (D)sit beside you, take a (G)good long look at you
I'll memorize you so I always (A)find you
(D)Smiling at me in (G)my rear view
In the broken white line that takes me from (A)you

(G)Promise me (D/F#)you'll wait for me
(G)And kiss me (D/F#)one more time
(G)Give me all your (D/F#)lonely nights
(Em)I'll keep 'em here with (D/F#)mine
(G)I'll keep 'em here with (D)mine

If I could (D)stay in one place I (G)know what I'd do
I'd make my living in love with (A)you
But I (D)work on these stages and I (G)live everywhere
And it's everywhere that I want (A)you


(C)Listen for (C/B)me when (C/Bb)I'm away
I'll be (F)singing to you

(D)(G)(A) 2x

It (D)feels like I just got (G)home yesterday
Now I'm packed and I'm ready with nothing to (A)say
I'm (D)counting the white lines, the (G)measures of road time
They're broken in pieces like my heart to(A)day



Capo II

C/G: 332010
C/B: 020010 (although this is really just a 5th string walkdown)

Intro: (G)(C/G) . . . (G)(C/G)

(G)Enough with the mood lighting, I'm (D/F#))not in the mood
Ap(Em)parently I don't have the (C/G)right attitude
Do you (G)think this is a seance, maybe (D/F#)that's what we need
Then we could (Em)channel some of the dead air be(C/G)tween you and me

(G)Dry your new age tears, let's (D/F#)stick to the facts
Don't (Em)need your phony pearls of wisdom, (C/G)you can have them back
Don't (G)want your earnest sympathy, (D/F#)keep it to yourself
If I'm (Em)gonna be alone I'd rather (C/G)be my myself

(G)Turn the lights back on
(C/G)Turn the lights back on
(D/F#)That trusting (Am)girl you (Am/B)knew is (C/G)dead and gone
(D/F#)She's dead and gone (G) (C/G)

You've read The (G)Road Less Traveled
You think you (D/F#)know everything
A (Em)little knowledge can be such a (C/G)dangerous thing
If you'd (G)look in the mirror I could (D/F#)tell you what you'd see
It'd be a (Em)real education, (C/G)tuition's free

(G)How could you just sit there all those years
And (D/F#)watch me throw away
Everything I (Em)wanted and worked for
And the (C/G)dreams I couldn't even say
(G)Didn't it ever occur to you to (D/F#)once ask me why
I guess it (Em)didn't, and I think that's maybe (C/G)worse than a lie


I was (C)deaf, dumb and (C/B)blind when I (Am)came to (G)you
I (C)trusted you, you (C/B)said I was (Am)supposed (G)to
But you (C)couldn't under(C/B)stand me, you (Am)couldn't even (G)see
Your (C)hand before your (C/B)face, (Am)much less (G)me
So you (C)told me all this (C/B)stuff about you, pre(Am)tended it was about (G)me
And I'd have been (C)better off with nothing (D/F#)



F: 10301x
C: 03201x
Gsus4: 32001x
Dm/C: 030231
C/Bb: 01001x
D7: 00021x
E7sus4: 022200
Fm: 003111

Intro: (C, pull off second string) (F)(C) . . . repeat

It's not the (F)altitude that takes my (C)breath away
And makes my (F)body think the air's too (C)thin
It's not the (F)bourbon you've been (C)drinking
That burns the (F)autumn leaves against my (Gsus4)skin (G)

It's just (C)you, you to(Am)night
And the (Dm)music you (Dm/C)heard in me some(G)how
It's just (C)you, (C/Bb)you to(Am)night (Am/G)
And I (Dm)swear to (Dm/C)you I'm listening (Gsus4)now (G)

It's not a (F)fable that gives (C)meaning
To the (F)language my heart speaks to (C)you
It's not a (F)road map that tells me (C)I've come home
Lying (F)here in the quiet next to (Gsus4)you (G)


(F)When you whisper my (D7)name
It's like I can (G)hear all these (E7sus4)melo(E7)dies I (Am)used to know
(F)I re(Fm)member them from (C)long ago (G)



Capo III

Gsus4/ 32001x
D/F#: 20023x

Note: Generally, as you fingerpick this song, don't pluck the high E string. Also, in the first three lines of the chorus, keep your finger down on the D note on the second string (third fret) and play the chords as a walkdown as follows:
C: x3203x
C/B: x2003x
D/F#: 20023x
G: 32003x

Intro: (G)(Gsus4) . . . (G)(Gsus4) . . .

(G)Remember when they took him in the middle of the (Em)night
(D/F#)And nobody told you where he'd (Em)gone
(Am)Death came in with morning light
And touched your father's hand
In a (C)hospital uptown, where your mother sat alone

For (G)two weeks no one told you, as if it never (Em)happened
(D/F#)You held the hope that (Em)he was still alive
The (Am)funeral was over, no way to say goodbye
You've (C)never had a chance to show the tears you hold inside
You hold in(Em)side (D/F#)

(C)I (C/B)want to make it (D/F#)up to you (G)somehow
(C)Maybe there's (C/B)something I have (D/F#)I could give you (G)now
There's (C)so many (C/B)things (D/F#)you never (G)had
(Am)Maybe it doesn't have to hurt so (C)bad
For once in your (G)life (Gsus4) . . . (G)(Gsus4)

There's (G)so much that I wanted that you could never (Em)give
I just (D/F#)never got that I was stronger than (Em)you
It (Am)wasn't a fair fight, you bleeding on the ground
(C)And me standing over you waiting for another round

I would (G)tell you that I'm sorry, but I know what you would (Em)say
'Cause I (D/F#)think that you forgave me long (Em)ago
I (Am)really don't know why, I don't think I deserve it
(C)Maybe a person forgives so they don't have to be alone
Be a(Em)lone . . . be a(D/F#)lone


(G)In our home movie I remember we're sitting (Em)in the sun
(D/F#)I'm crying, you're smiling at this girl of your (Em)own
And you're (Am)posing me for the camera and everyone around
(C)And I can feel that smile even now
Even (Em)now . . . (D/F#)even now



Intro: (C)(G)(F)(G)(Dm)(G)

(C)Somewhere out there in the (G)world tonight
(F)Just out of my (G)reach
I (Dm)hear your heart (G)beat
It's (C)coming in loud and (G)clear tonight
(F)Pounding in my (G)brain
(Dm)Calling out your (G)name

And (F)in the darkness (G)something binds you (C)to me
(C/B)So that (Am)I can (Am/G)find you
(F)When you want me (E)I will be there (Am)waiting (Am/G)on you
(C)(C/B)(Am)Somewhere (G)out there (C)(C/B)(Am)(G)

(C)Somewhere out there in your (G)heart tonight
(F)Where I have never (G)gone
(Dm)You are not (G)alone
It's (C)tearing me a(G)part all right
But (F)darling what can I (G)do
When (Dm)I'm so far from (G)you

And (F)when I lay me (G)down to sleep
My (C)one and (C/B)only (Am)prayer is (Am/G)you'll keep
(F)Safe from harm (E)until I get wher(Am)ever (Am/G)you are
(C)(C/B)(Am)Somewhere (G)out there
(C)(C/B)(Am)Somewhere (G)out there

(C)(G)(F)(G)(Dm)(G) 2x

And (F)if you're sad or (G)if you're lonely
(C)If you're (C/B)scared or (Am)if you're (Am/G)only
(F)Tired of fighting, (E)seeking shelter
(Am)Just hold (Am/G)on, (C)(C/B)I'm (Am)somewhere (G)out there
(C)(C/B)(Am)Somewhere (G)out there

(C)Somewhere out there in the (G)world tonight
(F)Just out of your (G)reach
(Dm)You'll hear my heart (G)beat
(Dm)You'll hear my heart (G)beat
(Dm)You'll hear my heart (G)beat

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