ACADIAN DRIFTWOOD . . . Robbie Robertson

Capo II

Intro: (C)(F)(Dm)(F) . . . (C)(F)(Dm)(F)

(C)The war was over and the (G)spirit was broken
(Am)The hills were smokin' as the (F)men withdrew
(C)We stood on the cliffs
Oh, (G)and watched the ships
(Dm)Slowly sinking to their (F)rendezvous
(C)They signed a treaty and our (G)homes were taken
(Am)Loved ones forsaken
They didn't (F)give a damn
(C)Try to raise a family
(G)End up the enemy
(Dm)Over what went down on the plains of (F)Abraham

(C)Acadian (F)driftwood
(Am)Gypsy (G)tail wind
(C)They call my (F)home (Dm)the land of (F)snow
(C)Canadian (F)cold front (Am)movin' (G)in
Oh, (Am)what a (Am/G)way to (F)ride
Oh, what a (F-F)way to (C)go

(C)Then some returned to the (G)motherland
(Am)The high command had them (F)cast away
(C)Some stayed on to finish (G)what they started
(Dm)They never parted
They're just (F)built that way
(C)We had kin livin' (G)south of the border
(Am)They're a little older and they've (F)been around
(C)They wrote a letter, life here (G)is a whole lot better
(Dm)So pull up your stakes, children and (F)come on down


(C)Fifteen under zero when the (G)day became a threat
(Am)My clothes were wet and I was (F)drenched to the bone
(C)Been out ice fishing, (G)too much repetition
(Dm)Make a man wanna leave the only (F)home he's known
(C)Sailing out of the gulf headin' for (G)Saint Pierre
(Am)Nothin' to declare
All we (F)had was gone
(C)Broke down along the coast
(G)But what hurt the most
(Dm)When the people there said
"You better keep (F)movin' on"

(C)Everlasting summer filled with (G)ill-content
(Am)This government had us (F)walkin' in chains
(C)This isn't my turf
(G)This ain't my season
(Dm)Can't think of one good reason (F)to remain
(C)I've worked in the sugar fields up from (G)New Orleans
(Am)It was evergreen up un(F)til the floods
(C)You could call it an omen
(G)Points you where you're goin'
(Dm)Set my compass north
I got (F)winter in my blood


(C)Sais tu, Aca(F)dia, (Am)j'ai le (G)mal du pays
(C)Ta neige, Aca(F)dia, (Am)fait des (G)larmes au soleil
(C)J'arrive, Aca(F)dia, (Am)j'ai le (G)mal du pays
(C)Ta neige, Aca(F)dia, (Am)fait des (G)larmes au soleil

(C)(F)(Dm)(F) . . . (C)(F)(Dm)(F)


Capo III

On "South of Delia," Richard plays this song on bouzouki. When I saw him play it live, and he did it in DADGAD at the third fret.
I'm not totally comfortable with the DADGAD chords just yet, so here's the song in standard tuning, which will at least allow you
to play along with the CD. I'll get to the DADGAD version eventually.

Intro: Play the verse chords one time through

Señ(Am)or, señ(Em)or, do you (F)know where we're (C)headin'?
Lincoln County Road or (C/B)Armag(Am)eddon?
(G)Seems like I been down this way be(F)fore
(Dm)Is there any truth in that, señ(Am)or?

Señ(Am)or, señ(Em)or, do you (F)know where she's (C)hidin'?
How long are we (C/B)gonna be (Am)ridin'?
(G)How long must I keep my eyes glued to the (F)door?
(Dm)Will there be any comfort there, señ(Am)or?

There's a (C)wicked wind still blowin' on that (Em)upper deck
There's an (F)iron cross still hanging down from (Am)around her neck
There's a (C)marchin' band still playin' on that (Em)vacant lot
Where she (F)held me in her arms one time and said, "For(Am)get me not"

Señ(Am)or, señ(Em)or, I can (F)see that painted (C)wagon
I can smell the tail (C/B)of the (Am)dragon
(G)Can't stand the suspense any(F)more
(Dm)Can you tell me who to contact here, señ(Am)or?

Well, the (C)last thing I remember before I (Em)stripped and kneeled
Was the (F)trainload of fools bogged down in a (Am)magnetic field
And a (C)gypsy with a broken flag and a (Em)flashing ring
Said, (F)"Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the (Am)real thing"

Señ(Am)or, señ(Em)or, you know their (F)heart's as hard as (C)leather
Give me a minute, let me (C/B)get it to(Am)gether
(G)Just gotta pick myself up off the (F)floor
(Dm)I'm ready when you are, señ(Am)or

Señ(Am)or, señ(Em)or, let's (F)disconnect these (C)cables
Over(C/B)turn these (Am)tables
(G)This place don't make sense to me no (F)more
(Dm)Can you tell me what we're waiting for, señ(Am)or?


Capo V

Intro: (G)(C)(G) . . . (G)(D)(G)

I'm (G)going a(C)way to (G)leave you, love
I'm going a(D)way for a (G)while
But I'll re(C)turn to (G)you sometime
If I go ten (D)thousand (G)miles

The (C)storms are on the (G)ocean
And the (C)heavens may (D)cease to (G)be
This (C)world may lose its (G)motion, (Em)love
If (G)I prove (D)false to (G)thee

Oh (G)who will (C)dress your (G)pretty little feet
And who will (D)glove your (G)hands
And who will (C)kiss your (G)rosy cheek
When I'm in a (D)faraway (G)land


Oh (G)Poppa will (C)dress my (G)pretty little feet
And Momma will (D)glove my (G)hand (C)
And (G)you will (C)kiss my (G)rosy cheek
When you re(D)turn a(G)gain


Oh (G)have you (C)seen those (G)mournful doves
Flying from (D)pine to (G)pine (C)
(G)Mourning (C)for their (G)own true love
Just like I (D)mourn for (G)mine

The (C)storms are on the (G)ocean
And the (C)heavens may (D)cease to (G)be
This (C)world may lose its (G)motion, (Em)love
If (G)I prove (D)false to (Em)thee (C)
If (G)I prove (D)false to (G)thee (C)(G)

NORTHBOUND 35 . . . Jeffrey Foucault

Capo II

(C)Northbound 3(G)5
Through the (Am)iron hills
Under (Fmaj7)infidel skies
It's (C)two hundred miles to (G)drive
You won't be (Am)home (Fmaj7)

(C)I saw an elsebound (G)train
On the (Am)overpass
In the (Fmaj7)driving rain
Every (C)ticket costs the (G)same
For where you can't (Am)go (Fmaj7)(C)

(G)Mustang (Fmaj7)horses, (C)champagne (G)glasses
(Am)Anything (Fmaj7)frail anything (C)wild (G)
It’s the price of living (Fmaj7)motion
What's (C)beautiful is (G)broken
And (Am)grace is just the (Fmaj7)measure of a (C)fall (G)(Am)(Fmaj7)

(C)So I rolled into your (G)town
I passed the (Am)smokestacks
And the (Fmaj7)ore docks down off of (C)Main
And the sky spun a(G)round
With her diamonds on (Am)fire (Fmaj7)

We (C)fought all night and then we (G)danced
In your (Am)kitchen
You were as (Fmaj7)much in my hands
As (C)water or darkness or (G)nothing
Can ever be (Am)held (Fmaj7)


(C)It's just flashes that we (G)own
Little (Am)snapshots
Made from (Fmaj7)breath and from bone
And (C)out on the darkling plain a(G)lone
They light up the (Am)sky (Fmaj7)

(C)It's 51 and driving (G)south
Ain't it (Am)funny
How (Fmaj7)things'll turn out
I (C)never even kissed you on the (G)mouth
When we said good(Am)bye (Fmaj7)


DEPORTEE . . . Woody Guthrie/Martin Hoffman

Dropped D tuning (DADGBE)

(D)The crops are all in and the (G)peaches are (D)rotting
The oranges are packed in their (G)creosote (D)dumps
They're (G)flying 'em back to that (D)Mexico (Bm)border
To (D)take all their money to (G)wade back a(D)gain

My (D)father's own father, he (G)waded that (D)river
They took all the money he (G)made in his (D) life
My (G)brothers and sisters come (D)working the (Bm)fruit trees
They (D)rode the big trucks till they (G)lay down and (D)died

Good(G)bye to my Juan, good(D)bye Rosalita
Adi(A)os mis amigos, Je(D)sus y Maria
You (G)won't have a name when you (D)ride the big (Bm)airplane
And (D)all they will call you will (G)be depor(D)tee

(D)Some of us are illegal, and (G)all are not (D)wanted
Our work contract's out and we've (G)got to move (D)on
(G)Six hundred miles to that (D)Mexican (Bm)border
They (D)chase us like outlaws, like (G)rustlers, like (D)thieves

We (D)die in your hills, we (G)die in your (D)deserts
We die in your armies, we (G)die on your (D)plains
We (G)die 'neath your trees and we (D)die 'neath those (Bm)bushes
Both (D)sides of that river, we (G)die just the (D)same


The (D)sky plane caught fire over (G)Los Gatos (D)Canyon
Like a fireball of lightning, it (G)shook all our (D)hills
Who (G)are all these friends, (D)dying like (Bm)dry leaves?
The (D)radio says they are (G)just depor(D)tees

Is (D)this the best way we can (G)grow our big (D)orchards?
Is this the best way we can (G)grow our good (D)fruit?
To (G)fall like dry leaves and (D)rot on my (Bm)topsoil
And (D)be known by no name ex(G)cept depor(D)tee


LAWRENCE, KS . . . Josh Ritter


As with "Señor," Richard plays this on bouzouki on the CD. In concert, I saw him do it in DADGAD tuning and G-based chords, but with
the capo at the fifth fret. In order to play with the record, though, you'll need to capo at the eighth fret, so that's what I've done here.

(G)Dirt roads and dryland farming might be the death of me
But I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
My (G)debts are not like prisons where there's hope of getting free
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)I've been from here to Lawrence, (C)Kansas
(D)Trying to leave my state of (C)mind
(D)Trying to leave this awful (C)sadness
But I can't leave this world be(G)hind

South of (G)Delia there's a patch out back by the willow trees
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
It's a (G)fenced-in piece of nothin' where I hear voices on my knees
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)Some prophecies are self-ful(C)filling
(D)I've had to work for all of (C)mine
(D)Better times will come to me, God-(C)willing
Cause I can't leave this world be(G)hind

This (G)world must be frightening, everybody's on the run
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
My (G)house is a wooden one and it's built on a wooden one
Seems I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)Preacher says that when the master (C)calls us
(D)He's gonna give us wings to (C)fly
(D)My wings are made of hay and (C)corn husks
So I can't leave this world be(G)hind