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Music Matters Campfire

Everyone knows that some of the best stuff at a folk festival happens unofficially around the campfires at night. Although some may wish it, we are not advocating setting your computers on fire in any way. Instead, Music Matters is excited to introduce a new way to keep that campfire spirit alive—the Music Matters Club! Those who join the club will be able to use the message board, post calendar events, post links and participate in chat sessions. Although there will be scheduled chats with some of our favorite artists, the Music Matters Club will be a free forum for music lovers.

In order to join this club you will have to do two things.
  1. Since the Club is hosted by Yahoo!, you will have to sign in to Yahoo!.
  2. You will then need to join the Music Matters Club.

    The whole procedure should take about five minutes. Here are some hints and instructions.

    Joining Yahoo!—please read the following hints and then click the link below to sign in to Yahoo!.

  1. Yahoo! privacy policy looks good to us, but if you want another level of assurance that your email will not be jammed as a result of this sign-up you may choose to create a new email account with Yahoo! instead of filling-in your own email address. The down-side of this is that if we want to email you with the latest chat information, and you don't check your Yahoo! account, you will miss out on some events.

    Please click here now and join Yahoo!. Once you are done please return here to join the Music Matters Club

    Joining the Music Matters Club—please read the following hints and then click the link below to join the Music Matters Club.

  1. The link below will bring you to the Music Matters Club but you will not yet be a member. Near the top of the page in a grey bar you will see the words "You are a guest" and on the right side it will say "Join this club."
  2. Once you click you will be asked to click to receive information to join the club by email. The email will arrive almost instantly with a link to click on in order to complete the process. Answer about three questions and you are in!

    Please click here to join the Music Matters Club.

    A note about Chat:

    When you click on the chat link in the Music Matters Club it may take about 30 to 40 seconds to activate. Please be patient. When it activates it is very fast and smooth and easy to use!

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