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Photos by Michael Devlin
7/13/02, Hecksher Park, Huntington, NY

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Photos from the 7/13/02 show in Huntington, NY

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Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Official Web Page

A Tribute

Dave Carter smiling, playing a banjo.
The mind of a mathematician, the songs of a seeker, the symbols of a dreamer and the heart of a kind and gentle man. A man who met, sang and traveled with his soul-mate. In so many ways his life was in order. He had acquired the wisdom to place his feet on his own true path, one that would enable him to explore the mysteries of life with the considerable force of his being. He could not help but to make songs to capture his efforts in symbol-bearing lyrics and melodies that opened one’s heart to the words. He has left us with a lifetime’s worth of beauty and things to ponder, yet it feels like we have lost our guide at the very beginning of our journey.

Tracy Grammer, smiling, singing and playing guitarAnd Tracy. She loved him in every way that we all loved him—as a musician of our souls, as well as the ways in which one human being makes another whole. Less than a week before he died, I sat in a room with Dave and Tracy and a few people as Dave read Tarrot cards. Her gaze rarely wavered from him as he unraveled the symbols and meanings of the cards. You sometimes see such enchantment in the eyes of people who have been together for half a century. All the brighter and briefer she burned, the better now to see and hear the afterimage.

And yet there is comfort to be found when we find the strength to accept comfort. I look forward to when I will venture a listen to “When I Go,” though it is more than I can bear right now. In time, the thought of Dave finding the answers to the questions posed by the symbols that so fascinated him, will cause me delight. But for now, I wrestle with a truth I can’t believe, send my love to Tracy, and grieve.

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer performing on stage.

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