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Mollie O'Brien Link:

Mollie O'Brien

    Mollie O'Brien
    Things I Gave Away
    2000, Sugar Hill

Things I Gave Away is all about passion and beauty. Intense as a tornado and sweet as a summer breeze, Mollie O'Brien can caress and carouse, float ethereal and rock solid blues without a pause. Jazzy riffs and vocalizations satinly flow, soulful blues lean into the river's current ("River's Invitation"). Steve Amedee, Jophn Magnie and Tim Cook (ex-Subdudes) fill in the spaces with joyful noise and Nina Gerber's electric wails and wavers. Bassist Cary Black gives out soul, alone and elegant. Brother Tim emits tasty acoustic. How do you describe Mollie's voice? It's warm honey flowing and embracing, interpreting and expressing and making sweet. Outstanding acoustics are vital and nuances like string slides and hand drumming are crystal, while a perfect balance fills this disk. Soar on wings of feeling, feel life beckon as it evolves in living songs. Mollie O'Brien. Outstanding.
—Mark Gresser

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