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    Sunny Day Real Estate
    The Rising Tide
    Time Bomb

Sunny Day Real Estate’s singer and songwriter, Jeremy Enigk can be quite the enigmatic fellow. It’s as if he intentionally wants to keep listeners at arm's length from knowing exactly what he’s singing about. This debut album for Time Bomb features more of his veil covered writing, but there are also concessions to being a little more communicative too, such as on the unifying "One." It’s not as universal as U2's song of the same name, but it’s one giant leap for Sunny Day Real Estate. When leading this veteran emo band, his singing is high and strained, without ever veering too close to an annoying Geddy Lee like screech. In some places, he even digs down deep for a Peter Gabriel-esque warmth. The true hero of this release is Lou Giordano, who brings out a pronounced muscularity to counterbalance Enigk’s sometimes fey tendencies. This may be the album that breaks out Sunny Day Real Estate’s lyrical intelligence to a wider rock audience. —Dan MacIntosh

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