Music Reviews:

Folk/Singer-songwriter (and what doesn't fit anywhere else!)

Jenn Adams—In The Pool 6/1/03

The Austin Lounge Lizards—Never An Adult Moment 8/1/01

JJ Baron—Brand New Stranger 8/1/06

Knut Bell and the Blue Collars—Honkahillarockabilly 3/6/05

Vince Bell—Recado 8/4/07

Lou & Peter Berryman—Love is the Weirdest of All—The Music of Lou and Peter Berryman 3/6/05

Lou & Peter Berryman—The Universe: 14 Examples 4/13/08

Lou & Peter Berryman—Rocky Frontier 3/5/12

Bitchin' Wheels—Bitchin' Wheels 8/1/01

Susannah Blinkoff—Let’s Pretend 1/4/09

Dale T. Brann—Walking Back 8/4/07

Chuck Brodsky—Tulips For Lunch 2/5/07

Ray Bonneville—Bad Man’s Blood 12/28/11

David Bromberg Quartet—Live: New York City 1982 1/3/09

David Bromberg—Try Me One More Time 2/5/07

David Bromberg—Big Road 3/22/20

Greg Brown—Milk of the Moon 4/6/02

Greg Brown—In the Hills of California 3/6/05

Greg Brown—The Evening Call 2/5/07

Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers—Roots of Our Nature 9/28/02

Burn Witch Burn—Burn Witch Burn 7/17/01

Jonathan Byrd—The Law and the Lonesome 1/4/09

Kate Campbell—Monuments 12/18/02

Kate Campbell—Sing Me Out 3/6/05

Annie & Rod Capps—In This Town 10/8/07

Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros—Bad Out There 4/4/06

Coby Carlucci—Texarkana 7/8/02

Rosanne Cash—The River & The Thread 11/30/13

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer—Drum Hat Buddha 6/1/01

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer—Joy My Love

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer—Little Blue Egg

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer—Seven is the Number 2/5/07

Neko Case—Blacklisted 12/4/02

Patti Casey—Under Different Skies 12/2/02

Stephen Clair—Under the Bed 9/5/05

Slaid Cleaves—Holiday Sampler 12/4/02

Slaid Cleaves—Still Fighting the War 11/11/13

Johnny Clegg—Clegg—At the Baxter Theatre Cape Town —Best, Live & Unplugged 

Bruce Cockburn 2/17/03

Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws (Deluxe Edition)

Live (Deluxe Edition)

Further Adventures Of (Deluxe Edition)

The Trouble With Normal (Deluxe Edition)

In The Falling Dark (Deluxe Edition)

Inner City Front (Deluxe Edition)

Dana Cunningham—Dancing at the Gate 9/28/02

Catie Curtis—My Shirt Looks Good on You 2/3/02

Kris Delmhorst—Cars 12/10/11

Brett Dennen—Brett Dennen 9/5/05

Ani DiFranco—Evolve 2/17/03

Ani DiFranco—Knuckle Down 3/6/05

Ani DiFranco—Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 8/1/06

Ani DiFranco—Red Letter Year 1/4/09

DaVinci’s Notebook—Brontosaurus 9/28/02

Donna The Buffalo—Live From The American Ballroom 2/16/03

James Durst—Element of Surprise 6/1/03

Cliff Eberhardt—School for Love 12/4/02

Cliff Eberhardt—The High Above and the Down Below 8/4/07

Kathleen Edwards—Failer 2/17/03

Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt—For Keeps 6/1/14

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott—The Long Ride

Ramblin' Jack Elliott—The Ballad Of Ramblin’ Jack

Joe Ely—Live @ Antone’s

Joe Ely—Streets of Sin 2/17/03

Joe Ely & Joel Guzman—Live Cactus! 4/13/08

Mark Erelli—Compass & Companion 6/1/01

Andrea Fairless—She Manages 8/1/06

Fairport Convention—XXXV 5/23/02

Anne Feeney—Dump the Bosses Off Your Back 4/13/08

Mark Fisher—Scratch Board—songs and drawings by Mark Fisher 9/28/02

Mark Fisher—4 9/5/05

Steve Forbert—Live At The Bottom Line 4/6/02

Steve Forbert—Over With You 9/2/12

Denice Franke—Comfort 6/16/01

Dori Freeman—Dori Freeman 4/3/16

Dori Freeman—Every Single Star 8/21/19

Fruit—Burn 8/1/06

Annie Gallup—Half of My Crime 8/1/06

Annie Gallup—Weather 3/15/11

Annie Gallup—Little Five Points 12/14/12

Annie Gallup—Ghost 7/23/16 

Annie Gallup—Lucy Remembers Her Father 9/10/18 

Annie Gallup—Bookish—10/20/19

Peter Gallway—Muscle and Bone 8/28/16

Peter Gallway—Feels Like Religion 1/2/19 

Peter Gallway and the Real Band—Reach For It 9/6/20

Tracy Grammer—Flower of Avalon 9/5/05

Tracy Grammer—The Verdant Mile 9/5/05

Tracy Grammer—Book of Sparrows 12/23/07

Tracy Grammer—Low Tide 12/29/17

The Grandsons—Party with the Rich 3/6/05

Vance Gilbert—One Thru Fourteen 9/28/02

Vance Gilbert—Somerville Live

Vance Gilbert–Good Good Man 6/27/20

Eliza Gilkyson—Beautiful World 1/4/09

Eliza Gilkyson—Lost and Found 12/18/02

Eliza Gilkyson—Hard Times in Babylon 9/1/01

Eliza Gilkyson—Paradise Hotel 9/5/05

Eliza Gilkyson—Your Town Tonight 8/4/07

Eliza Gilkyson—Roses at the End of Time 12/28/11

Eliza Gilkyson—The Nocturne Diaries 3/23/14 

Eliza Gilkyson—Secularia 7/14/18

Eliza Gilkyson—2020 3/22/2020

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen—Berrymania 1/19/14 

Patty Giurleo—Sevensongs 6/1/01

John Gorka—Writing In The Margins 8/1/06

John Gorka—Before Beginning - The Unreleased I Know - Nashville - 1985 8/22/16

John Gorka—True in Time 1/27/18

Grace Griffith—My Life 8/1/06

Grace Griffith—Sands of Time 8/1/06

Nanci Griffith—Winter Marquee 2/17/03

Butch Hancock—War and Peace 2/5/07

HARP—A Time To Sing! 12/4/02

John Hasbrouck—Ice Cream 2/17/03

Hat Check Girl—Six Bucks Shy 10/15/11

Hat Check Girl—Road To Red Point 12/8/12 

Hat Check Girl—Cold Smoke 1/2/19 

Hat Check Girl—Kiss Me Quick 10/23/20

Jim Henry—One-Horse Town 4/4/06

John Hiatt—Crossing Muddy Waters

Greg Hobbs—Threats & Promises 2/5/07

Walter Hyatt—Some Unfinished Business—Volume One 4/13/08

Janis Ian—God & The FBI

Janis Ian—The Light at the End of the Line 1/28/22

Jabe—Drama City 2/17/03

Billy Jonas—Life So Far 6/12/02

J.P. Jones—Ashes 6/1/01

Christine Kane—Rain and Mud and Wild and Green 12/4/02

Lucy Kaplansky—Over the Hills 8/4/07

Lucy Kaplansky—Reunion 10/14/12

Lucy Kaplansky—Last Days of Summer 10/15/22

Alex Kash—Florida Heat 4/4/06

Alex Kash—Organic Alchemy 8/1/06

Jorma Kaukonen—Stars In My Crown 8/4/07

The Kennedys—West 2016

Maura Kennedy—Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy & B.D. Love 2016

Pete Kennedy—Heart of Gotham 2016

Barbara Kessler—Barbara Kessler

King Chubby—Is 3/6/05

Alison Krauss—Forget About It

Jimmy Lafave—Cimarron Manifesto 8/4/07

Patty Larkin—Still Green 9/29/13

Christine Lavin—Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch 8/1/01

Tina Lear—The Road Home 11/11/01

Reggie Lewis—Reggie Lewis 4/4/06

John Lisi & Delta Funk—Dead Cat Bounce 8/4/07

Los Niños de Sara—Gipsyolè 2/16/03

Ariane Lydon—Still She Moves 3/6/05

TJ McFarland—Rosenbum’s Gin 8/4/07

The Robbie McIntosh Band—Emotional Bends 9/28/02

Rita MacNeil—Blue Roses 8/1/06

Karen Mal—The Space Between 11/3/07

Heather Maloney—Just Enough Sun 2/14/18

Mama’s Broke—Narrow Line 8/1/22

Cindy Mangsen—Cat Tales: Songs of the Feline Persuasion

Jay Mankita—Morning Face 8/1/06

Jay Mankita—Dogs Are Watching Us 4/4/06

Terence Martin—Waterproof 9/28/02

Heather Masse and Dick Hyman—Lock My Heart 9/14/13

David Massengill —My Home Must Be a Special Place 9/28/02

Alastair Moock—Bad Moock Rising

Alastair Moock—Let It Go 8/1/06

Hunter Moore—Conversations 6/1/03

Lisa Morales—Beautiful Mistake 10/29/11

Gurf Morlix—Finds the Present Tense 7/5/13 

Shana Morrison–7 Wishes 4/6/02

Kathy Moser—Acoustic Live Demo 12/2/02

Kathy Moser—Wings Over Water—Get Used To It! 2/16/03

Peter Mulvey—Ten Thousand Mornings 2/5/07

Mystic Rhythms Band—Mystic Rhythms 12/2/02

Naked Blue—Five By Five 10/7/07

Neal and Leandra—Bridge Rail 9/28/02

Moira Nelligan—I Give You Music 7/27/14

Carrie Newcomer—The Age Of Possibility

Carrie Newcomer—The Gathering of Spirits 12/4/02

Carol Noonan—Big Iron 5/13/02

Carol Noonan and Dana Cunningham—The Water is Wide—Inspired by the Stone Mountain Arts Center 8/1/06

Carol Noonan—As Tears Go By 4/13/08

Phil Ochs—The Early Years 10/27/01

Ollabelle—Riverside Battle Songs 2/5/07

Barry Ollman—What’ll It Be? 12/10/14

David Olney—Omar's Blues 6/1/01

James O’Malley—I’m Ready 6/29/02

James O'Malley—The Writer Remains 5/30/15

Joan Osborne—Pretty Little Stranger 2/5/07

Tom Pacheco—There Was a Time 2/17/03

Parker Gray—Luminous Darkness 9/21/20

Ellis Paul—The Speed of Trees 12/4/02

Pierce Pettis—State of Grace 8/12/01

Pierce Pettis—Father’s Son 1/21/9

Barbara Phaneuf—Hat Full of Diamonds 6/16/01

Rod Picott—Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues 5/23/02

The Pines—Sparrows in the Bell 8/4/07

Prairie Doll—Prairie Doll

Chuck Prophet—No Other Love 2/17/03

Darryl Purpose—A Crooked Line 3/9/02

Darryl Purpose—Next Time Around 4/1/13

Joe Rathbone—Welcome To Your New Life 4/6/02

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks—Take The Air

The Red—Burn 8/1/06

Rob Reynolds—Find Me, Sample Me, Free Me, Take Me Sightseeing 4/4/06

Kim Richardson—True North 1/4/09

Jonathan Richman—Action Packed: The Best Of Jonathan Richman 9/28/02

Mae Robertson—Smile 9/5/05

A. J. Roach—Revelation 11/3/07

Dana Robinson—Avenue of the Saints 12/18/02

The Rockin’ Highliners—Sputnik Café 6/1/03

Bruce Roper—Accidental English 2/26/12

Mary Ann Rossoni—Downcity 1/2/02

Butch Ross—Selected Works Of Friction

Brian Rung 12/4/02

Claudia Schmidt—Bend In the River 1/16/13

Danny Schmidt—Little Grey Sheep 4/13/08

Danny Schmidt—Instead the Forest Rose to Sing 2/13/09

Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits 2/16/03

Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt—A More Perfect Union 12/8/12

Colleen Sexton—Live 7/8/01

Richard Shindell—Courier 1/4/02

The Sisters Morales—Para Gloria 2/17/03

The Small Glories—Assiniboine and The Red —10/20/19

Mindy Smith—My Holiday 12/2/07

Michael Smith—Live at Tales From the Tavern Too—Love Letter on a Fish 1/4/09

Michael Smith—Michael Margaret Pat & Kate 2/3/03

Michael Smith—There 2/17/03

Carolann Solebello—Shiver 5/27/18

The Solipsistics—Jesus of the Apes 9/7/01

The Sons of the Never Wrong—One If By Hand 10/5/01

Sons of the Never Wrong—Church of the Never Wrong 2/26/12 

Rosalie Sorrels—No Closing Chord—The Songs of Malvina Reynolds

John Stewart—Wires From the Bunker 9/1/01

Kristie Stremel—All I Really Want 12/2/02

Gordon Stone Band—Red Room 2/16/03

David Jacobs-Strain—Stuck On the Way Back 12/4/02

The subdudes—Behind the Levee 4/4/06

Sunny Day Real Estate—The Rising Tide

Ben Taylor—Deeper Than Gravity 8/4/07

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez—Let’s Leave This Town 12/18/02

Chip Taylor—The London Sessions Bootleg +

Dulcie Taylor—Diamond & Glass 12/4/02

Louise Taylor—Tangerine

Paul Thorn—Hammer and Nail

Nibs Van Der Spuy—Beautiful Feet

Townes Van Zandt 2/16/03

For The Sake Of The Song

Our Mother The Mountain 

Delta Momma Blues

Flyin’ Shoes

Various—Christmas on the Lam and Other Songs From the Season

Various—For the Love of the Music—the Club 47 Folk Revival (Video) 8/17/14

Various—Going Driftless—an Artist’s Tribute to Greg Brown 2/17/03

Various—Hot & Spicy 2/5/07

Various—Massachusetts For Folk 8/1/01

Various—Our Side of Town: A Red House Records 25th Year Collection 4/13/08

Various—People on the Highway: A Bert Jansch Encomium

Various—The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol.2 4/21/02

Various—Songs for Sophie—A Collings Collective 8/1/06

Various—13 Ways to Live 2/5/07

Various—'Til We Outnumber ‘em—The Songs of Woody Guthrie

The Waifs—Ironbark 10/9/17

The Wailin’ Jennys—Firecracker 8/1/06

The Wailin' Jennys—Fifteen 10/19/17

Loudon Wainwright III—Here Come The Choppers! 8/1/06

Weavermania!—Weavermania! Live 8/1/06

Keith Whitley—Sad Songs and Waltzes

Alan Whitney—The Borderland 9/28/02

David Wilcox—Vista 8/1/06

Steve Wildey—Along the Way 8/1/06

Doug and Telisha Williams—Rope Around My Heart 8/1/06

Lucinda Williams—Good Souls, Better Angels 4/19/20

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie—Plow to the end of the Row 3/6/05

Diane Zeigler—These Are The Roots 9/9/01

Bluegrass/Traditional/Newgrass (including bluegrass/traditional influenced)

ASV—Goin’ To The Dance 2/5/07

Bad Livers—Blood & Mood

Norman Blake—Flower From The Fields Of Alabama 9/28/02

Alison Brown— Fair Weather

Sam Bush—Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride

Mo Canada—Grassoline 8/4/07

Lui Collins—Leaving Fort Knox 6/17/01

Lui Collins—Closer 8/1/06

Crooked Still—Hop High 4/4/06

Curtis & Loretta—Gone Forever 9/28/02

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Cocktail Swing 12/2/02

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Big Old Life 

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Some Bright Morning 4/16/12 

Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem—Violets Are Blue 2/9/15 

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem—Wintersong 12/15/16

Julie Elkins & David Thompson—My Feet Won’t Miss This Ground 8/1/06

Free Range Pickin’—Free Range Pickin’ 9/5/05

Tony Furtado and the American Gypsies—Live Gypsy 2/5/07

Mike Aldridge, Bob Brozman, & David Grisman—Tone Poems III

Aubrey Haynie—A Man Must Carry On

Jones & Leva—Vertie’s Dream

Chris Jones—A Few Words—The Best of the Originals 8/1/06

Hubie King and Diane Jones—“There Are No Rules” 4/4/06

Kane’s River—Same River Twice 4/4/06

Julie Lee—Stillhouse Road 1/18/09 

Rick Lee—There's Talk About a Fence

James Leva—Memory Theatre 8/1/06

Vivian Leva—Time is Everything 3/10/18

Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno—Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno 4/18/21

John Lowell & Ben Winship—Growling Old Men—Occupational Hazards 4/4/06

Claire Lynch—New Day 8/4/07

Claire Lynch—Dear Sister 6/2/13

Claire Lynch—North by South 3/11/17

The Mammals—Evolver 12/18/02

Wil Maring—The Turning of a Century 2/5/07

Wil Maring—The Calling 2/5/07

Daryl Mosley & Tim Graves—Remembering the Beacon Brothers 2/5/07

Mountain Thyme—A Smile at the Door 2/5/07

Nickel Creek—Nickel Creek

Mollie O'Brien—Things I Gave Away

Maddy Prior & the Girls—Bib & Tuck 9/5/05

PossumHaw—Madtom 4/13/08

Reed Island Rounders—Goin’ Back 4/4/06

Rootbound—Rootbound 8/1/06

Ivan Rosenberg—The Lost Coast 8/1/06

Rust Farm—Snows Of March 12/2/02

Darrell Scott—Modern Hymns 1/4/09

Silk City—Time 6/11/02

Martin Simpson—Prodigal Son 3/2/08

Martin Simpson—Righteousness & Humidity 1/1/08

Rosalie Sorrels—Strangers in Another Country—The Songs of Bruce “Utah” Phillips 1/4/09

Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin—Songs of The Carter Family 9/1/01

Steppin’ In It—Last Winter in the Copper Country 9/28/02

Various—Contra Music—The Sound of New England 8/1/06

Various—Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still—The Warner Collection, Vol.1 9/3/01

Various—O Sister 2: A Woman’s Bluegrass Collection 2/17/03

Various—Time-Life’s Treasury Of Bluegrass 2/17/03

Various—A Tribute To John Hartford–Live From Mountain Stage 6/22/02

The Waybacks—Burger After Church 8/1/06


Jody Stecher—Going Up On the Mountain The Classic First Recordings, Oh The Wind And Rain


Bernard Allison—Kentucky Fried Blues Live 6/1/03

Kenny Brown—Stingray 6/1/03

Grady Champion—Payin' For My Sins

Shemekia Copeland—Talking To Strangers 9/28/02

Guy Davis—Skunkmello 8/1/06

David Gogo—Halfway to Memphis 6/6/02

Cathy Grier—Comin’ Back To Me 2/16/03

John Hammond—Wicked Grin 6/1/01

John Hammond—Ready For Love 2/17/03

Corey Harris—Downhome Sophisticate 9/28/02

Corey Harris and Henry Butler—Vu-du Menz

Holmes Brothers—Righteous! 9/28/02

Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers—Roots Stew

Chris Thomas King—A Young Man’s Blues 9/28/02

Little Ed and the Blues Imperials—Heads Up 9/28/02

Ladell McLin—Stand Out 9/5/05

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit— Jubilee 6/1/03

Big Bill Morganfield—Ramblin Mind

Maria Muldaur—Richland Woman Blues 6/1/01

Charlie Musselwhite—One Night in America 2/10/02

The Nighthawks—Pain & Paradise 2/10/02

Francine Reed—I Got A Right...To Some Of My Best 11/5/01

Roy Rogers—Slideways 6/6/02

Lauren Sheehan—Two Wings 4/4/06

Jimmy Smith—Dot Com Blues

Otis Taylor—Respect the Dead 3/26/02

Various—Frett'n The Blues—Best of the Guitar Greats

Various—Hellhound On My Trail—The Songs of Robert Johnson 9/1/01

Various—Preachin' The Blues-the music of Mississippi Fred McDowell 2/10/02/

Various—The Handy Nominees Vol.1 6/7/02

Little Toby Walker—Back In the Groove 9/28/02

Country/Alt Country/Roots Rock

Nancy Apple—Outside The Lines

Nancy Apple—Shoulda Lied About That 2/5/07

Nancy Apple & Rob McNurlin—River Road or Rail 2/5/07

The Believers—Crashyertown 4/4/06

Brooklyn Cowboys—Doin’ Time on Planet Earth 8/1/01

Kenny Butterill—Just a Songwriter 6/1/03

Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley Boys—Acres of Heartache

The Flatlanders—Now Again 7/8/02

Hangtown—Here For Now

The Hot Club of Cowtown—Ghost Train 12/18/02

Kazuhiro Inaba—Teardrop On A Rose 8/1/06

J-45—Long Distance Lovers 10/27/01

Eilen Jewell—Letters From Sinners & Strangers

Bill Kirchen—Tied to the Wheel 5/25/02

Randy Kohrs—I’m Torn 2/5/07

Last Train Home—Bound Away 9/5/05

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens—Blood & Treasure 1/4/09

Delbert McClinton—Room To Breathe 6/1/03

Colleen McFarland—Let It Shine 1/4/09

John Moreland—Big Bad Luv 7/1/18

Kacey Musgraves—Golden Hour 4/29/18

Outlaw Family Band—Outlaw Family Band 4/4/06

Earl Pickens—Country Music Jukebox 9/5/05

The Paladins—Slippin' In 6/1/01

Raisins In The Sun—Raisins In The Sun 3/26/02

Kimmie Rhodes—Walls Fall Down 1/4/09

Roy Rogers—Slideways 6/7/02

Zach Tate Band—Southern Rain 8/4/07

Phillip Sandifer—Go On 6/29/18

Todd Thibaud—Northern Skies 9/5/05

Various—No Depression—What It Sounds Like (Vol. 1) 4/4/06

Various—A Tribute to the Cadillac 9/5/05

Dallas Wayne—Here I Am In Dallas 4/6/02

White Animals—White Animals 4/6/02


Altan—Another Sky

Altan—The Blue Idol 4/6/02

Black 47—New York 3/6/05

Black 47—Bittersweet Sixteen 8/1/06

The Chieftains—Chieftains 1, Chieftains 2

Aoife Clancy—Silvery Moon 2/5/07

Dervish—Decade: Magical Irish Music! 12/2/02

Great Big Sea—Sea Of No Cares 4/6/02

Fathom—Available Light 7/7/02

Tim Gorman—Celtic Loop 2/5/07

The Hungry Monks—All Through the Night: A Celtic Celebration of the Holiday Season 12/2/07

Eileen Ivers—An Nollaig—An Irish Christmas 12/7/07

Lùnasa—Lùnasa 8/1/06

Casey Neill Trio—Portland West 12/2/02

Kim Robertson—Dance To Your Shadow

Sharon Shannon & Friends—The Diamond Mountain Sessions 10/27/01

Urban Trad—One O Four 8/13/01

Various—Holding Up Half the Sky—Voices of Celtic Women Volume Two 12/2/02

Various—The Rough Guide to Irish Folk 12/2/02


Dolores Keane—There Was a Maid

Cajun and New Orleans

Balfa Toujours—Live At Whiskey River Landing 6/1/01

Charivari—I Want to Dance With You 9/28/02

Bruce Daigrepont—Paradis

The Iguanas—Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart 6/1/03

Anders Osborne—Ash Wednesday Blues 8/3/01

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys—Happytown 8/3/01

Bruce Molsky/Michael Doucet/Darol Anger/Rushad Eggleston—Fiddlers 4 9/28/02

Various—Medicine Show Vol. 2—Live at Grant St. Dancehall 9/2/01


Boozoo Chavis—Johnnie Billy Goat 8/3/01

The Buckwheat Zydeco Ils Sont Partis Band—Buckwheat’s Zydeco Party 7/8/02

Buckwheat Zydeco—Down Home Live! Thanksgiving at El Sid O’s 2/16/03

Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band—Ready Or Not

Lil' Buck Sinegal—The Buck Starts Here

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas—Let's Go 9/1/01

Terrance Simien—The Tribute Sessions 9/1/01

Various—Medicine Show Vol.2—Live at Grant St. Dancehall 9/1/01


Mahalia Jackson 9/28/02

Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting With Mahalia Jackson

Recorded Live In Europe During Her Latest Concert Tour

Mahalia Jackson In Concert Easter Sunday

The Big DooWopper—Feel The Spirit–A Tribute to Mahalia Jackson 6/1/03

Various—Recorded Live at the Second Sacred Steel Convention 7/8/02


Moe Denham—The Soul Jazz Sessions 8/1/06

Brent Gunter—Andalucia 4/4/06

Incognito—Eleven 4/4/06

Location One—Key 6/1/03

Los Niños de Sara—Gipsyolè 6/1/03

Kenneth Nash—Deep Inn It 8/4/07

Jonn Serrie—And the Stars Go With You 9/28/02

Tuck & Patti—I Remember You 1/4/09


Miles Davis—Big Fun

Miles Davis—Get Up With It

Miles Davis—On The Corner

Mahavishnu Orchestra—Birds Of Fire

Thelonious Monk—The Columbia Years – ‘62-’68 9/28/02

Thelonious Monk—Straight No Chaser—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2/16/03

Charlie Parker—Bird—Original Soundtrack 2/17/03

Jaco Pastorius—Jaco Pastorius

Various—Round Midnight—The Original Motion Soundtrack 9/28/02


Solomon Burke—Soul Alive! 9/28/02


Earth, Wind & Fire—The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol. II


Colcannon—The Pooka and the Fiddler & Happy as Larry 8/1/06

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer—Pocket Full of Stardust 12/18/02

Lunch Money—Silly Reflection 2/5/07

Richard Perlmutter—Beethoven’s Wig—Sing Along Symphonies 2/17/03

Ralph’s World—Peggy’s Pie Parlor 6/1/03

Two of a Kind—Patchwork Planet 9/28/02

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